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8 Ways To Reduce Customer Care Costs

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Providing high-quality customer service is said to be essential if you want to keep your customers happy and increase retention rates to promote sales and growth. Many strategies will help you provide excellent customer care. However, these tactics and tools sometimes require some form of investment from your end. Whether they cost expensive or need personnel for implementation, it’s imperative to know how to reduce the price that comes with them.

If your company’s agenda is to reduce customer care costs soon, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with helpful insights to effectively reduce expenses for customer care. Check them out below. 

1. Promote Support Through Self-Service 

Since times and trends change, many customers today are said to prefer receiving guidance to figure things out by themselves rather than wait for someone to answer their simple questions. In other words, people are believed to love to have handy, self-service support where they can get the help they need. However, you must still give an alternative of sustaining human support when their concerns are more complicated. 

Typically, companies use different ways and methods as means for self-service support. One way is to utilize a knowledge base containing all the information about your company, products, and services. Other self-service mediums used by businesses include:

  • How-to guides,
  • Discussion forums. and
  • Help centers. 

Self-service knowledge bases can save companies money and time by reducing direct customer service interactions. By doing so, monotonous, time-consuming service requests can be avoided entirely. The answer to their concerns will be provided in an expedited way without any hassles; this aid lowers the company’s customer service costs.  

2. Use Free CRM Software 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is believed to be widely used in many companies and industries worldwide. Check out different free CRM software programs available online. 

Although there are paid versions available that’ll provide you access to other useful premium features, you may want to check out free trials or free versions first before choosing to pay for a subscription. This is an effective way to test the waters before jumping into the ocean of a heftier investment. Doing a test drive on a CRM platform may allow your business to have many new opportunities to learn how customer relationship management works. 

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage 

Although it’s historically intended to communicate and keep in touch with friends and loved ones, social media nowadays also plays an important role in doing business. It’s now an effective platform to create and nurture networks, generate leads, increase conversion rates, advertise, and build customer relationships.

As well as helping you consolidate your brand identity, they’ll also help improve customer service. Many people worldwide are said to be social media users, so your chances of tapping into the market are believed to be higher. Informed and satisfied customers are easy to maintain through the use of social media. It’s an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective means to boost the quality of service your clients receive. 

4. Train Your Customer Service Agents 

As budding startups usually lack a dedicated in-house customer service department, some of them are said to outsource customer service to third parties in a bid to reduce costs. Eventually, as the business expands, there will be a need for internal customer service agents. Although chatbots and others could be helpful, there won’t be anything more practical than a customer care agent who can deal with complex issues head-on.  

Hence, you must employ and manage your own team of customer service representatives. If your next question is how this could relate to lesser business costs, the answer is that well-trained customer care agents often provide high-quality support to your customers. This will result in many benefits such as:

  • Low repeat calls volume, 
  • Increased customer satisfaction, and 
  • Lower call costs. 

To provide resolutions with only a single call, you need to have competent customer service staff members who know almost every useful information of your company. Therefore, investing in employee training to harness their customer concerns resolution skills is a sound investment.   

5. Offer Support Through Multiple Channels 

Customer benefits from this process, as they can contact agents in a way that’s most convenient to them. The majority of customers expect multichannel support and feel frustrated when their preferred method isn’t available. You can take advantage of different channels and platforms that your customers commonly use. Turn crisis into opportunities and make use of an automated conversation monitoring service

6. Ensure Customer Service Agents’ Well-Being 

The cost of hiring new call center staff is another factor that takes a sizeable portion of your company’s operations budget. You can reduce the cost of customer service by optimizing your company’s general HR (Human Resources) policies. This will also ensure that your employee turnover rate will be lower as your people may want to stay longer working for you. 

You can take care of your staff’s well-being with the following efforts: 

  • Set out KPIs to encourage and motivate employees, 
  • Collect and be open to feedback from staff, 
  • Provide promotional and career growth opportunities, and
  • Organize reward systems and team-building activities. 

At the end of the day, you’ll improve customer retention if you show that you value your staff. And generally speaking, when your employees stay longer, it means you save on costs allocation for hiring and training customer care newcomers.

7. Learn Your Customers’ Needs And Wants 

One of the easiest ways to reduce customer service costs is to predict problems ahead of time and eliminate roadblocks as they occur. This is essential for preventing the issue from arising early on is an important tenet for businesses. As a result, your company becomes more customer-focused than one that’s problem-focused. 

It’s essential that you listen to and act on feedback from your customers to achieve this goal. You can create surveys or gather reviews and feedback from customers. Know where to improve and be open and positive to criticisms. 

8. Prepare An Efficient FAQ Section 

It may be hard to believe, but customers are believed to prefer to search for the answers they need themselves rather than contact customer service or use a chatbot. This is why many companies have prepared an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on their site usually. 

This will allow customers to stay on your site longer and help with answering their questions. It will also reduce the need for more agents. Hence, check the most recurring issues and the most commonly asked concerns to provide answers and solutions to clients that need them in the most easy-to-understand manner. 


After realizing the value of customer retention, your company may begin placing more emphasis on customer service. With the strategies mentioned above, you’ll be able to cut costs on customer care expenses. Optimization and other improvements will also result in happier customers that eventually strengthen your business’ standing in the market. 

Cindy Floyd

Cindy Floyd is a full-time mom and a part-time writer. She has been blogging for 12 years now and she loves to write about business and economy while she occasionally hosts webinars on the same topics. During her free time, Cindy loves to bake cookies with her lovely kids. She loves to take a walk in the park to refresh her mind.

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