Zafin Partners with Empire Startups to Accelerate Financial Innovation in U.S. Market

Zafin Partners with Empire Startups to Accelerate Financial Innovation

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In Empire Startups Fintech Conference, Zafin, the worldwide leader in pricing innovation technology for banks, announces it has signed a strategic partnership with Empire Startups, the largest community of fintech entrepreneurs, investors and innovators in the world. Through the partnership, Zafin and Empire Startups will work together to drive digital innovation.

Now is a crucial time for U.S. banks to leverage strategic pricing as the market competition grows. The industry has been operating on rising investment rates, making relationship pricing essential for customer retention. Zafin allows banks to identify, engage and retain key customers by providing them with tools to create incentivized programs that target each customer’s needs, creating a competitive advantage within the saturated market. Over 35 banks globally are currently implementing Zafin’s approach to pricing, which has successfully increased revenue into the hundreds of millions for these clients.

Expanding the Fintech investors and innovators community

With Zafin, banks can accomplish in a few clicks what would otherwise take months and cost millions. Zafin’s end-to-end pricing execution engine enhances banks’ old legacy systems, allowing them to dynamically modify products to suit market conditions. Through Zafin, banks can tailor product offers to clients and micro-segments, create and rapidly deploy product offers, and automate the tracking and governance of product offers against key performance metrics. Zafin’s partnership with Empire reflects the commitment to driving a fintech ecosystem in the U.S. where startups can leverage the expertise of solution providers like Zafin and have access to banks globally.

Adam Nanjee, SVP, Digital Banking at Zafin  said that U.S. banks are feeling the pressure to improve the customer experience to meet the needs of digitally savvy customers – that’s where Zafin comes in. Leveraging Empire’s proven model and track record to gain in-person access to banks in the U.S. will give Zafin the platform they need to introduce banks to their services, which will help improve their customer experiences. The partnership will allow them to reach banks that are looking to stand out in a competitive market.

Founder of Empire Startups Jon Zanoff said that their events bring together the most forward-thinking minds in the financial industry, and they are excited for Zafin to join the conversation. Empire has an impressive community of fintech investors and innovators, and their community becomes even stronger with the addition of Zafin.



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