Vyne Medical partnership with Adventist Health System

Vyne Medical’s Trace platform to support Adventist Health System for Revenue Cycle Optimization and Workflow Management

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The partnership would simplify the care process for consumers and providers.

Vyne Medical, the leader in operational and technological solutions for hospitals, health systems, and health plans has announced a partnership with Adventist Health System for implementation of its Trace communication management and quality assurance platform.

One of the nation’s largest faith-based health care organizations, Adventist Health System will implement Vyne Medical’s Trace platform to manage critical communications including voice, fax, electronic, image and document exchange.

Lindy Benton, CEO and President, Vyne, stated, “We are excited to partner with Adventist Health System in its effort to enhance quality and efficiency.” Furthermore, she said, “Through this work, we are committed to reducing costs through automation while improving key performance indicators.”

The deal to improve the ultimate customer experience

Tim Reiner, Senior Vice President of Revenue Management, Adventist Health System, stated, “As we work to streamline and simplify the care process for consumers and providers, we needed a solution built to support the intricacies of our workflow.” He added, “With Trace, we can capture many types of communication and integrate them with our existing systems to create a more complete patient record and ultimately enhance the consumer experience for those we care for.”

Implementation of the Trace platform

Use for physician orders: Adventist Health System will deploy Trace as the single platform to manage both fax and electronic orders. With this platform, the orders will be available in real time with features such as alerts, notifications, work lists, and reservations to establish an electronic workflow for order management.

For voice recording: The staff of Adventist will use one of three Trace recording applications – on-demand, auto-record or face-to-face recording – to record interactions with patients, physicians, payers and other providers. Reportedly, the recordings would be indexed to the patient’ account and referenced to support strategic initiatives such as quality assurance, compliance, patient experience, and financial performance.

For quality assurance: The new platform will have an audio search function that enables managers to search recordings for keywords and phrases to ensure the appropriate use of scripting and identify training needs. Moreover, the quality assurance tool will be used for quality assessment of recorded interactions, allowing managers to produce online scorecards, and track performance by associate, team and performance measure.

With the Trace, Adventist Health System’s service quality would enhance

Brent Snyder, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Adventist Health System, said, “Trace will help us reach our long-term goal of eliminating faxing and other paper-based processes,” he added, “A secure, auditable workflow for orders will increase our efficiency, reduce delays and help us provide better service to our physicians and patients.”



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