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ViitorCloud Technologies

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The AR and VR technologies offer an immersive experience to the viewers with the help of devices, such as headsets or glasses, gloves, and bodysuits. The technology has brought a transformation in the gaming and entertainment industries by allowing users to experience immersion in a highly virtual realm. From the ecosystem perspective, it is evident in recent times that the demand and supply side of AR &VR hardware, application development platforms/ engines, and content creator communities have evolved faster than ever. The state of the industry is very fluidic presently.

The industry proved to be pandemic proof and continued to grow even during a global recession. AR & VR communities around the world have continuously kept generating profits, startups kept emerging, OEMs kept releasing promising products, industries kept investing in immersive technologies and skill-building, research papers kept getting published. This certainly is establishing a strong foundation for mainstreaming AR & VR in day-to-day life at work and home.

Companies such as ViitorCloud Technologies are making the most of these increasing opportunities. The Ahmedabad-based company is an IT Engineering and Design Company that provides niche digital solutions to its global Clients. The company significantly contributes to the Digital & Operational Excellence journey of its clients adopting efficient operating models, processes, and technologies. It works extensively in emerging technologies. 

A Team of Marvelous Individuals

In 2011, entrepreneurs Rohit Purohit and Vishal Rajpurohit Co-founded ViitorCloud Technologies in Ahmedabad, India. The major responsibilities of growth and execution are shared between the two directors. As the CEO, Rohit leads new market opportunities, growth strategy, research and development initiatives, and strategic relationships. While the CTO, Vishal, handles operations excellence, technology growth strategy, and the institutionalization of ViitorCloud’s operating philosophy.

“We aim to implement value-driven innovations at work and achieve outcomes with excellence and high quality,” says Vishal (CTO, at ViitorCloud Technologies.)

After spending almost 10 years in the industry ViitorCloud Technologies has managed to create a vibrant work culture. The collective efforts put in by the generations of engineers have developed an environment of inclusivity. Along with that, the company has constantly been contributing to several developer communities which have been mutually beneficial for the company as well. It has expanded to the USA, Mauritius, and Italy aiming to enhance IT development and consulting services.

Innovation Driven Services

ViitorCloud Technologies provides innovative solutions and services across contemporary cross-platform software development along with expertise in utilizing emerging technologies such as AR & VR, AI, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud Computing, etc., for multiple platforms and software environments. “Our sole objective is to provide unmatched and excellent quality, customer support and service to achieve total client satisfaction,” asserts Rohit.

The company serves global clients that include well-funded startups to the fortune companies of modern times. This level of exposure brings opportunities to deliver solutions for business challenges using emerging technologies. ViitorCloud Technologies is unique as it constantly innovates and delivers successfully. It leverages its Centre of Excellence (CoEs) and agile processes to succeed and deliver faster. ViitorCloud has four CoEs that act like R&D Labs—its functions include Immersive Technologies, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, and Games and Simulations.

ViitorCloud Technologies’ services are mostly a hybrid model tailored to ensure mutual success. In particular, its AR & VR offerings include technology feasibility and outcome mapping activities that enable clients to map their investment objectives. Organizations are often unaware of the investment and shelf life of inventories.

“We aim to apply innovation to every aspect of our solutions and help companies achieve excellence and pre-eminence in their ventures,” mentioned Rohit.

Encountering Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic led to extraordinary challenges for ViitorCloud Technologies. The company tackled all uncertainties by operating efficiently by reducing costs and increasing revenue and profits with a better Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Additionally, ViitorCloud Technologies also faced inherent challenges its clients faced, including delayed funding, deduction of investments in long-term projects. However, the company has been dealing with these challenges and has constantly been taking careful measures to become a resilient organization.

“We Believe in Innovation”

ViitorCloud Technologies is delivering innovative solutions for ground-level operational applications with the help of its CoEs. The company has introduced gamified learning platform using immersive technologies, along with a platform that enables public sector entities to offer location-centric civic services. It has also used its innovations to develop verifiable blockchain-based transactions for retail, education, and law enforcement industries. Numerous customers of the company have already invested and shown their interest in these advanced solutions that enhance productivity.

“Innovation can sprout from anyone and anywhere, and that diverse teams stimulate innovation and new ways of problem-solving,” says Rohit.

Positive Feedbacks

ViitorCloud Technologies sensitizes its clients on the choices it makes to deliver expected outcomes. The company is agile in its processes and delivers with a lot of flexibility according to the client’s requests. However, it constantly creates a feedback loop to enhance its capabilities. Digital Impact is a global technology service provider. The Chief Digital Officer in charge of digital strategy says, “ViitorCloud’s effectiveness, professionalism, and human values stand out.”

Awards and Accolades

ViitorCloud Technologies has constantly been subject to praise. Its unique services have helped it fortify a reputation of the high regard in the industry. The company has received a gallery of awards over the years. It was awarded Technology Provider of the Year during the 8th National Awards for Small and Medium Emerging Business, India. The event was co-hosted by Zee Business, Economic Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine India. ​

The company has developed to be a dynamic workplace that offers opportunities for personal growth and career development for its members. ViitorCloud has been ecstatic to be recognized for its continuous efforts alongside industry leaders like Puma, ITC, Edelweiss, and ESAB.​

Additionally, ViitorCloud Technologies and the Indian Institute of Technology – Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU), collaborated for defense-related research and product development under the Center of Excellence for Defense Sector of the prestigious institution. ViitorCloud Technologies and IIT-BHU are continually working in the field of applied AI for Hyperspectral Imaging and researching the scope of the applications of advanced 3D rendering technologies for the defense sector of India.

The company is also a prominent leader in the PHP framework Laravel’s India community. Recently, ViitorCloud Technologies also sponsored LaraconUS in New York.

Leaping Forward ViitorCloud Technologies aims to become a product company from a service-based company. It has constantly been receiving inquiries for solutions related to education and training, connected (IoT) industrial simulations, and interactive multiplayer experiences apart from just games and entertainment. It has created six products in the pipeline targeting Education, High-Risk Industries, Gaming and Entertainment, News and Media, and Retail and High Tech Industries. Each product has a unique value proposition as well as is being built using emerging technologies such as AI, BlockChain, AR VR, Microservices, etc. It aims to impress the new generation of managers, as they are more inclined to invest in these technologies.

ViitorCloud Technologies

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