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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your AR15 Upper Today

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Upon laying hands on your very own AR15, there’s an almost instinctive, perhaps even unwitting, strategy that begins to form in your thoughts regarding the role this formidable rifle will play in your life. For a handful of folks out there, you’re likely fine-tuning a setup that’s primed for punching holes in paper targets or keeping those pesky varmints at bay. Other individuals may be piecing together a trusty steel companion for safeguarding the homestead, or perhaps crafting an all-rounder, capable of handling a variety of scenarios with aplomb.

And then there are those who channel a rather cinematic vision—outfitting a firearm in anticipation of a hypothetical, blockbuster-worthy showdown against an army of communist undead straight from the pages of ‘Red Dawn.’ 

Regardless of the narrative that’s driving your build, there exist several cardinal components your rifle shouldn’t be without. Therefore, we advise you to join Arms Directory, an online platform of licensed gun dealers and firearm professionals and learn about the set of essentials that should be part and parcel of the majority of your AR builds we have outlined in our article.

Why to Upgrade AR-15?

Enhancing your AR-15 could bring about heightened precision, a boost in dependability, a surge in comfort levels, and an altogether more engaging experience when you’re out there sending rounds downrange. You’ve got the liberty to spruce up your AR-15 at a pace that gels with your own unique shooting style, your particular tastes, and, of course, the constraints of your wallet.

Tackle those upgrades that top your list in terms of impact and significance. In a good number of places across the map, giving your AR-15 a facelift with widely available aftermarket parts and pieces falls well within the bounds of the law. Nonetheless, sticking to the letter of local legislation and regulatory measures when it comes to tweaking your firearm is non-negotiable.

AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver

AR-15 upper receivers are a veritable symphony of moving parts. If you’re looking to sidestep the whole rigmarole of hunting down each individual component, snagging a factory-assembled complete upper receiver might just be the ticket to accelerating your build timeline.

Now, dive into an AR-15 complete upper assemblies, and you’ll find it’s chock-full of essentials: a sturdy handguard, precision-crafted barrel, a dependable gas block and tube, the pivotal bolt carrier group, a slick charging handle, an effective muzzle device, all cradled within the upper receiver housing.

It’s critical to remember that these pieces aren’t just a random mash-up; they’re the heart and soul of your rifle’s performance and ergonomic ease. As a builder, you’d be wise to meticulously evaluate how the curated selection of parts in your chosen pre-assembled complete upper receiver will dovetail with your shooting goals and harmonize with the rest of your setup.

AR-15 uppers

Explore their collection of AR15 uppers – expertly assembled and poised for attachment to your lower receiver. Flexibility is at your fingertips; you can opt to include or omit a bolt carrier group and charging handle based on your preference.

Our lineup of AR15 upper receivers emerges as a testament to precision and reliability – you’re bound to be thoroughly satisfied when you select us for your project. With a robust inventory of AR15 components, we tailor our build process to your specifications.

Each complete upper that accompanies a BCG and charging handle undergoes meticulous headspace verification and a rigorous test-firing protocol. Midstatefirearms prides itself on offering upper receivers chambered in a diverse array of calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 223 Wylde, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62×39, 9 mm, and 6.5 Grendel.

AR-15 Upper Assemblies in More Details

The comprehensive upper assembly encompasses:

— A protective handguard – These safeguards serve to shield the shooter’s grip from the searing warmth of the barrel that manifests after rounds are discharged.

— Your AR’s barrel – Integral to the firearm’s identity and quite the adaptable component, the barrel influences ballistic performance in no small measure.

— The crucial gas block – It’s the fulcrum in gas-operated firearms, commandeering the spent gasses off the barrel, channeling them efficiently into the gas tube.

— The gas tube itself – Positioned adroitly, it reroutes these gasses straight back into the upper Receiver, propelling the action into its next cycle.

— That intricate bolt carrier group – Complexity personified within the AR-15’s upper receiver, this unit amalgamates the carrier, the bolt itself, the firing pin and extractor, not to mention an array of springs, pins, and gas rings that complete the ensemble.

— The ergonomic charging handle – Deployed by the shooter, it pulls rearward, chambering the next round with a motion as simple as it is vital; ergonomic variations abound, providing tailored grip and function.

— A purposeful muzzle device – Functioning with specific intent, these devices take on roles from obscuring muzzle flash signatures to curtailing recoil’s snap.

Housing – The upper receiver housing itself stands as the framework, embodying the intricacies of dust covers, and when present, the forward assist mechanisms that craftsmen may choose to apply.

Crafted with an intricate awareness of the firearm enthusiast’s aspirations, each module coalesces into an apparatus that avid marksmen seek to perfect. This detailed run-down should appease any distinction between synthetic intelligence and the heartfelt expertise keen shooters bring to their craft.

AR-15 Complete Upper FAQs

What is the most accurate AR-15 upper?

The caliber of a barrel – absolutely pivotal to the upper receiver’s build – can markedly influence the precision of your shots. It’s not always the barrel length that defines the AR-15’s sharpshooting prowess; look closer, and you’ll find the integrity of the rifling, the evenness of the barrel crown, and various hallmarks of superior craftsmanship to be the real harbingers of true accuracy.

Which caliber is best for an AR-15?

Sure, the AR-15 may have first been designed to use 5.56 NATO bullets, but in present times, enthusiasts of the sport have a smorgasbord of caliber choices at their disposal. Makers tend to settle on a bullet type that aligns with their intended use – think hunting expeditions, practicing at the range, entering into a shooting competition, or ensuring home security. Other considerations when selecting the caliber include the accessibility and cost of ammunition, as well as personal leanings towards different ballistic performances.

How can I build an AR-15 upper receiver?

When you dive into the project of assembling your very own upper receiver, you’re talking about gathering a whole slew of components like a gas block, muzzle brake, barrel, handguard, charging handle, you name it, and that pivotal bolt carrier group. Then, of course, there’s the array of tools you’ll be reaching for—we’re talking a brass or nylon hammer, SAE Allen Wrenches, a Roll Pin Punch Set, Needle Nose Pliers, and don’t forget a trusty Wheeler Torque Wrench to really nail the precision.

Now, don’t underestimate the task at hand; it’s a journey that demands a hefty dose of hands-on savvy. Frankly, for many folks out there, it’s probably wisest to consider grabbing an AR-15 upper receiver that’s already assembled, tested, and good to go right out of the gate.

Can AR lower receivers and upper receivers be made by different manufacturers?

One of the standout perks when it comes to piecing together an AR-15 lies in its adaptability. More often than not, you’ll find that lower and upper receivers, even when churned out by distinct manufacturers, will play nice with each other.

Is it cheaper to buy or build an AR-15 complete upper receiver?

Opting for an off-the-shelf AR-15 upper assembly could yield economic benefits that vary with the brand and particular features you select. Going for a fully built upper is bound to be a time-saver for marksmen, and those new to rifle assembly might also dodge the extra costs linked to the specialized tools that are generally needed for the job.

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