Top 10 Futuristic CEOs of 2022

Visionary leadership is defined by persuasion, charisma, and a high emotional IQ. The hallmark of visionary leadership is the leader’s ability to mobilize the team towards the future goal. Visionary leaders inspire and influence people to work towards the goal and pursue it.

Dr.Lin han
Lin Han: Revolutionizing Crypto Industry with Ground-breaking Strategies
The global financial crisis makes leaders battle with tough situations ...
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Sarghei Busmachiu
Serghei Busmachiu: A Zealous Leader unlocking Ingenious Infrastructure Development
Infrastructure development is vital to the growth of a country’s ...
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Andrea Calcagno
Andrea Calcagno: A Contemporary CEO Fostering a Data-driven Approach
Being a CEO implies undertaking a plethora of crucial roles ...
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Manju Mastakar
Manju Mastakar: Redefining CEO Concept with Ardent Determination and Brawn
A CEO is the driving force of an organization that ...
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Melody Hossaini
Melody Hossaini: Re-building the post-covid world through Developing People and their Mindset
Gender disparity in the workplace has been a serious topic ...
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