Serghei Busmachiu: A Zealous Leader unlocking Ingenious Infrastructure Development

Sarghei Busmachiu

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Infrastructure development is vital to the growth of a country’s economy. Good infrastructure, particularly in sectors like telecommunication, power, oil, transportation, and construction, impacts the cost of products and services as well as increases competitiveness. Established in 2016, Utilities One is catering to the infrastructure development needs in these sectors with its premier solutions. The company is the brainchild of Serghei Busmachiu, an ambitious leader leveraging his experience and impeccable management skills to drive it toward unrivaled growth.

A Leader with Divergent Thinking

Serghei comes from an East European country called Moldova. He graduated from the College of Transport in Chisinau. Serghei stepped into infrastructure development as he was always passionate about building new technology and impacting the community. He stays true to his visions and with exemplary leadership, he has expanded his business reach into other industries by establishing Utilities One—an organization that serves people with out-of-the-box solutions.

The Inception of Utilities One

Utilities One started with its sister company Moldcable. The company used to focus on delivering cable installation and repair services. In the competitive market, Serghei realized that as technology is evolving, there is a need for a company that provides both civil and industrial infrastructure development. With the goal to provide highly advanced solutions and services, Serghei gave birth to the idea of the new company. This is how Utilities One was born.

An Array of Exceptional Services

Over the years, Utilities One has expanded itself to become a big player in providing nationwide Telecom service for ILEC & CLEC providers and Wireless Carriers. The company delivers a full range of infrastructure solutions for Telecommunications providers, Electric & Gas Utilities, Wireless Carriers, and the Technology Deployment sector. It offers services such as Engineering, Design, and Construction for Wireline Projects as well as FTTx, FTTH, FTTP, FTTC, and FTTN.

Additionally, the company is a key service provider for new site builds, modifications, line and antenna installation, and Small Cell/DAS. It provides customers with Site Acquisition, Real Estate, Engineering, Project Management, Construction Services, and Maintenance services. It also builds Overhead and Underground Distribution and Transmission lines as well as industry-leading Smart Grid solutions for Grid Modernization. In addition to Gas Utility Construction and Engineering for Distribution and Pipeline construction, the company also provides a full range of Design/Build EPC services for Solar Systems, Wind Farms, and Electrical Vehicles networks.

Efficient Team

A team is a vital part of any organization and Utilities One is blessed with excellent personnel. Serghei believes that the company has one of the greatest teams with many great leaders and specialists. The team ensures that every employee gets motivated to bring the company to the next level. Mr. Joseph DiMelis, a seasoned and greatly renowned Telecom leader, has joined the company and brought many great executives along with him. The reason behind this is they share the vision of Utilities One. They also keep pushing the business to reach new and greater heights.  

Delegating the Duties

Serving as the CEO of the company, Serghei wears many hats. He has served in many positions in the last couple of years. According to him, his primary role is to hire the right management, implement the company’s vision, strategy, and core values as well as follow the set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Talking about teams and employees, Serghei adds that People are the backbone of any business, and finding the right crew is just as important as any other major task. “As for my greatest achievements, I guess I have a knack for finding the right people for the right positions,” he briefs.

Optimum Customer Satisfaction

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, Serghei focuses on customer expectations. In the case of Utilities One, the team has been transparent with customers from the beginning. The company holds a goal of underpromising and over-delivering. According to Serghei, customers need to be heard and want to have a healthy dialogue that facilitates mutual benefits. “That’s why I believe most customers love us and want us to do more business with them,” adds Serghei.

Promising Future

Utilities One has been delivering the best experiences to its customers and has an outstanding reputation for facilitating optimum value. The company thinks that 2023 is very promising. Considering the importance of energy sources like solar power, wind turbines, etc. in the long run, Utilities One has planned to venture into the renewable energy sector. The company supports sustainability, greener choices, carbon neutrality, etc. It is also accelerating broadband expansion in the new area. For effective work, it aims to hire 500 new employees.

Futuristic Contributions

“I think technology will always keep evolving, and there will always be a need for a company like Utilities One,” briefs Serghei. As there will always be advanced developments emerging in the future, the community and people will need organizations like Utilities One to help them grow their businesses. Being a big player in the industry, the company will continue expanding the essential infrastructure nationwide as the need for it will continue to increase over time.

Advice to Budding Leaders

Being a decorated leader, Serghei gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, etc. The main thing is to always keep working and never give up. He also adds that as nothing is going to be perfect in the beginning and life is filled with lots of challenges, the key to success is to “Always keep going”.   


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