Tips for Battling with Addiction

5 Tips for Battling with Addiction

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Addiction is a beast that is difficult to overcome, but it isn’t something that people seek as a way of life. Instead, they have found a substance that alleviates pain, both physical and mental, and as the body chemically reacts with it, changes occur, and the need for more to stay level becomes the priority.

Are you struggling with addiction and don’t see a path to overcome it? Besides the pleasure derived from using, there is a real fear of detoxing because the stories about cravings and physical torment seem worse than your current state. 

Ultimately, you know that addiction is not the path that you should be on, so it is crucial to find a way out. To help you in this life-saving quest, here are some practical tips for battling addiction.

Connect with Your Goals

Everyone has dreams and ambitions, but through different circumstances, these are put aside because of an addiction. How can you even consider your goals when you are trapped in a cycle where your body craves the substance and takes pole position in your life?

Reconnect with what you want for yourself. This is best done by identifying what you want your life to be. This may be different from your original plan, but that’s okay because we all find new goals and change direction in life. 

Once you have a clear vision, write your goals down and a path to get there. Then, make another list of the barriers that your addiction puts up and the positive outcomes of quitting the chronic use. These written goals must always be with you so you can refer to them and remind yourself why you want to win the addiction battle.

Seek Out Treatment

For many people, they find it very hard to go it alone when battling addiction. Fortunately, there are many resources for those willing to take it, and it can change your life.

Social support comes from well-established self-help groups comprising peers going through the same struggles. You can also reach out to your family doctor, who has access to health resources and can direct you to a place for healing.

Addiction treatment centres are dedicated businesses that take in individuals to lead them down a path of recovery. Because each person’s struggle is different, they use an individual approach to meet your needs and tailor the most effective treatments. 

These facilities have well-trained staff who use several proven therapies and offer an immersive program that serves as a retreat for healing and recovery. Here is where you will make the most dramatic shift away from addiction.

Stay Away from Risky Situations

Addiction is a habit formed one step at a time. To work on breaking free from it, you need to leave the familiar triggers and places that keep you in it.

It may be a friend group or favourite bar that poses a risk of using. This can be avoided by breaking certain friendships and taking a different route from work. You know what risky situations you should avoid, so try hard to change your patterns and behaviours so you can stay sober.

Resist Your Urges

Your mind is conditioned to the habit of using, and your body can crave it, but remember, you are in control. When you get the urge to use, resist it and distract yourself. Most urges last less than 30 minutes, so use methods to distract yourself like:

  • Exercising 
  • Chewing gum
  • Going for a walk
  • Journaling
  • Repeating a personal mantra

You can also “surf the urge,” accepting it as it comes in and allowing the wave to pass by taking these necessary steps.

Find a New Passion

Distraction is a great method, but finding something more important than the fix is even better. Maybe you have a pursuit that you did before the addiction or have always wanted to try a certain activity. If it excites you to think about it, you should go for it. 

These hobbies can be very therapeutic and consume your time positively and healingly. Some suggestions are:

  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Video games
  • Making music meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hiking 

Dig deep into your mind and discover your passion. This will aid your recovery and give you a reason to be a better version of yourself.

Ultimately, get your addiction out in the open. Surround yourself with loved ones and healthcare professionals to help bring you to the other side where your new life awaits.

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