The 20 Impeccable Women in Business 2017

It has been witnessed that leadership and entrepreneurship goes hand in hand. But what exactly does this means? It is commonly said that it is the entrepreneur who starts the business and it is the leader who has the responsibility to run it. Professor Howard Stevenson, often called as the godfather of entrepreneurship studies at HBS, defines entrepreneurship as, “Entrepreneurship ….
Alicia Asin
Alicia Asín: Thought Leader in Pursuit of Innovation
A thought leader of the industry, a true believer that ...
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Deborah Herman
Deborah Herman: A Fabric Innovator being an Inspiration to Global Womenpreneur
What are the qualities that can make a person successful ...
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Johnette Van Eeden
Johnette van Eeden: Creating a Difference in the Wellness Industry
After working for over 15 years in the travel industry ...
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Kathy Kamei
Kathy Kamei: A Designer, Entrepreneur, and a Philanthropist
Things that we wear signifies the ideologies we believe in. ...
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Marci McCarthy
Marci McCarthy: Celebrating the Achievements and Endeavors of the Unsung Heroes of Security
With a resolution to showcase unparalleled innovation in the information ...
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Maria Tognetti
Marina Tognetti: Helping the World Communicate
Steve Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and ...
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Maureen Huber
Maureen Huber: Leader, Inspiring Women
Today, women are climbing the ladder of success with a ...
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Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin: True Inspiration Changing the HR Dimensions
Great leaders always find the balance between business foresight, performance, ...
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Pam Du Plesis
Pam du Plessis: An Inspirational Leader, Creating a Difference
Standing tall in the male dominated industry is not at ...
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