Kathy Kamei: A Designer, Entrepreneur, and a Philanthropist

Kathy Kamei

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Things that we wear signifies the ideologies we believe in. Scientists have proved and we have experienced that our style and the clothes we choose reflect and affect our mood, health, and overall confidence. Jewelry remains one of the most important parts of our attire as they complete our outfit. Kathy Kamei, designer and CEO of the line of jewelry that bears her name expresses that a piece of jewelry can inspire a person to break from the pack and celebrate their own uniqueness.

Kathy Kamei is a global jewelry brand and is popular for its products in categories such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and belt buckles. The company significantly works with its philanthropic avenues, high end resorts, and spas. The lifestyle brand is committed to helping women celebrate relationships with themselves and others through creating unique and creative designs.

Inception of the Company

Born in Canada, Kathy earned a degree in fashion design. She then went Bali for a vacation, where began the journey of her lifestyle brand, “Kathy Kamei.” The creative jewelry designer says that she liked the culture, tradition, and grandeur of her vacation destination so much that she stayed at Bali for 9 years. Kathy learned many things about the local culture, including their language. Finally, when Kathy was leaving Bali to live in America, she thought, “What could I take from Bali that would be very beautiful and special and I decided I was going to create jewelry.” When she started making pieces, she realized that she was not working on just jewelry, she was building a lifestyle brand. “It is all about women empowerment and women celebrating themselves and celebrating each other,” Kathy shares.

Dedication Towards Philanthropic Work

Kathy and her team are very dedicated towards philanthropic work. They contribute towards numerous causes including breast cancer and child education. Furthermore, Kathy is very devoted towards animal welfare. She often takes efforts to work for animal betterment. Referring to her responsible work towards nature, the business woman says, “One of the beautiful things about having my company is being able to not just have my own success, but to give a wonderful give back with the success that I have.”

Perceiving Difficulties as Opportunities

When Kathy was starting her own venture, she faced many difficulties. She had to overcome financial challenges to start something that her heart wanted to do. Moreover, as Kathy was from Canada, she wasn’t aware of the business world and the fashion industry in the United States. She had to learn everything herself. With her passion towards bringing uniqueness to the fashion world, Kathy did overcome all the complications she faced. However, hurdles in her way didn’t end. When she was growing her business, a tragedy made her lose most of her designs and her factory. At that moment, being a mother of three children, Kathy was not able to travel back to Bali. She had to start from the scratch and her determination paid her and made her a respected lifestyle brand all over the globe.

When asked about the secret that kept her moving over all the pitfalls she had to counter, Kathy says that she considers challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. She is expecting many challenges related to business in the upcoming years. However, Kathy doesn’t limit herself with those challenges and looks forward to grow over those complications. With the growing demand for her jewelry models, the self made business woman say that she needs to keep up with the escalating orders from clients. Furthermore, increasing customers will demand for more creative and unique pieces of jewelry, this is motivating her to work on fresh designs. Additionally, the team at Kathy Kamei is looking for possibilities of branching into different fashion segments for women, which is exciting for the CEO, Kathy.

Hobbies that Bring Harmony

Apart from being a designer and CEO, Kathy is also an aspiring equestrian. “I ride my horse and that gives me a sort of luxury that I really enjoy,” she asserts referring to the same. She also plays cello and practices Vedic meditation and that helps her to balance her personal and professional life and gives Kathy a lot of harmony.

Lessons to Women Entrepreneurs in Kathy’s Words

The most important thing that I would like to tell to any of the young women entrepreneurs is that always follow your inner compass. Be very authentic and very honest with yourselves and to understand that success is measured individually. So, it’s not about whether other people think you are successful or not, it is very personal. It’s really about defining who you are as a woman in the world and what are your most authentic dreams and aspirations are, I mean how you do truly align with your truest nature.

Time’s Up #MeToo Movement

Being a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, Kathy talks about the Time’s Up movement and advises people to become more responsible. She asserts, “Everyone is talking about time’s up, #MeToo. And I think it’s for all of us on the planet to take personal responsibility for how we affect each other, the planet, the animal kingdom. Take what we need, and be generous as spirit. It’s really important for all of us to evolve and to grow, it’s our turn and its our time that we really need to take accountability – Accountability in a really beautiful way to live with more love and more generosity and more kindness of spirit.

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