The 10 Visionary Market Research Leaders in 2021

Market research and data analytics have emerged in recent years as amongst the fastest-growing industries. Particularly, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of data and analytics has increased by multiple folds. Market research has also become even more critical as supply chains are breaking down and businesses are finding themselves in need of new ways to reach their customers.Making the most of the increased opportunities, several new ….
Phillip Lomax
Phillip Lomax: Pivoting Businesses into New Horizons with Neuromarketing
Over the years, neuroscience has emerged as a vital crux ...
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Pieter Paul Verheggen
Pieter Paul Verheggen: Cultivating Consumer Behavioral Psychology for Successful Market Research
The role of modern market research and data analytics has ...
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Hannes De Wachter: Unlocking Consumer Behavior Neuroscience with Neuro-semantic AI
Consumer behavior has become an important aspect of customer-oriented marketing ...
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