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Kevin McLauchlin

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Market research and data analytics have emerged in recent years as amongst the fastest-growing industries. Particularly, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of data and analytics has increased by multiple folds. Market research has also become even more critical as supply chains are breaking down and businesses are finding themselves in need of new ways to reach their customers. 

Making the most of the increased opportunities, several new leaders are emerging in the data analytics and market research industry. Kevin McLauchlin (Founder and VP of Growth at Cadence SEO) is a prime example of a visionary market research leader dominating the industry with his prudent foresight and zeal to succeed. Kevin loves learning about different companies in the marketing industry and their individual journeys. He believes that it is an inspiration for him to learn where companies have come from and help guide them where to go in the future. 

Embarking on the Marketing Journey

Kevin’s educational background is in business and marketing. He pursued a Bachelors’ degree from Baker College in Auburn Hills, MI with a major in Management and a minor in Marketing. After years of being in sales roles, he wanted to move into a role that was more related to marketing companies rather than just selling a particular product. 

According to Kevin, the real turning point in his career was when his wife and business partner decided to move away from the large agency world and start her own SEO Consulting company. From that point, he was thrown into learning a new field of marketing and understanding a whole different aspect that he never considered. SEO is an ever-changing field that requires leaders to constantly be on their toes and watch what other companies are doing. 

Enunciating the initial challenges, Kevin mentions, “From there, I had to take the time to learn the competitive landscape of every client we have. Doing that research really got me excited about doing additional market research and learning the ebbs and flows of other businesses and industries.” Leveraging his experience, he has been steering Cadence towards unprecedented growth in the ever-increasing competition. 

Leading-edge SEO Solutions

Today, digital marketing is critical when it comes to optimizing marketing strategies. To survive and thrive in the rigorous competition, it is imperative for today’s businesses to have robust digital marketing strategies in place. Cadence has been catering to this need since its inception.

Established in July 2020, Cadence specializes in SEO consulting for businesses of any size. This includes its specialization as digital marketing consultants as well as assistance with Cold Email Outreach. The company helps businesses reach their full SEO potential. Cadence also specializes in developing growth strategies that drive traffic to the clients’ websites and generate revenue. 

Optimum Client Satisfaction

One of the major factors that distinguish Cadence from its competitors is its passion for the clients. The company works closely with its clients and listens to their needs to integrate its SEO knowledge with the clients’ particular industry knowledge. Cadence provides numerous advantages to its clients including,

  • The flexibility and ability to pivot on a time
  • Agility in building strategies
  • No contract is required to work
  • Seamless communication with weekly client calls, touchpoints, as well as a non-stop reporting aspect

The clients often heap praises on Cadence SEO’s services. “Their expertise and ability to build, execute, and maintain an SEO strategy sets them apart,” says CEO of Biofunctional Health Solutions, Inc. One more happy client who is the President of a Consumer Products Brand says, “They communicate well, going the extra mile to deliver unique ideas and strategies to us.”

A Multifaceted Leader

Kevin has been contributing immensely to Cadence’s rapid growth. As the Founder of the company, he manages several roles and responsibilities. He has done everything from accounting and clerical tasks to implementation and sales. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has witnessed significant growth in its first year—which has allowed it to put together a solid team and allowed the employees to naturalize into their positions. 

Kevin’s favorite part about being a leader is the ability to impact peoples’ lives internally and externally. “Having clients depend on our team and see success is an amazing feeling, as is allowing a team of individuals behind us to learn and grow. Plus it is great to be able to pay them as well,” mentions Kevin. 

Kevin McLauchlin

Managing the Data

The abundance of data available today has posed a challenge for the businesses in the market research and data analytics industry to segregate useful information. Cadence’s team, however, has thorough industry experience—which it leverages to separate important data from the data that has limited value. This has allowed the company to know what data sources to turn to when it comes to evaluating a market climate. 

Numerous companies have started to inculcate automation in their data management processes. At Cadence, automation is somewhat in place with the use of specialized industry resources, however, the company still makes sure it is manually evaluating the data internally. “Much of that we do still requires a bit of human intuition and knowledge to think as people think and not just data,” asserts Kevin. 

Kevin McLauchlin

Surmounting the Challenges

Courtesy of the increased demand for market research during the pandemic, Cadence’s client base grew almost tenfold. Moreover, as a majority of its team members were already working from home, Cadence was able to seamlessly adapt to the new normal. On a personal level having to work from home and homeschooling their children was a challenge for Kevin and his wife. However, they managed to meet the challenges head-on as they grew the company in response to the need for market research and data analytics. 

Trends to Anticipate

Kevin envisions a continuation of a couple of trends in the near future. Firstly, he believes that the concept of video conferencing is here to stay and will likely become the new normal due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Secondly, the increase in automation and AI adoption has resulted in an increased need for more efficient and effective ways of analyzing said data. “That’s where AI technology comes in, making it possible for businesses to even bring their research in-house,” concludes Kevin. 

Kevin McLauchlin

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