The 10 Revolutionary Women Leaders in Business, 2023

Dr. Anjulika Salhan

Dr. Anjulika Salhan: Empowering Small And Micro-Businesses With Fintech Innovations

In the business world, small and micro-sized businesses face significant challenges. With limited resources and often little knowledge of available services, these enterprises struggle with accounting, taxation, and advisory needs.
edith hamilton
Edith Hamilton: An Inspiring Executive Coach for Women CFOs Disrupting the Finance Industry

Why do male executives in finance and other professions earn …

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Naz Schinder
Naz Schinder: An Assiduous Leader Elevating Law Industry with Innovations

The pandemic has impacted millions of lives and businesses. Especially, …

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Holly Singer
Holly Singer: Incorporating Philanthropic Ideals into Business for Profound Impact

Incorporating philanthropic approaches into business yields several benefits and opportunities. …

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Catherine Vlaeminck
Catherine Vlaeminck: Empowering a Tech Leader to Disrupt an Industry

In today’s world driven by data and the need for …

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