Naz Schinder: An Assiduous Leader Elevating Law Industry with Innovations

Naz Schinder

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The pandemic has impacted millions of lives and businesses. Especially, the law industry has undergone significant changes and witnessed the trend of intelligent technology and professional lawyers. With this trend, efficiency of legal firms can be improved and lawyers can ensure professionalization of legal services. Catering to this necessity, many leaders in the law sector accepted this challenge and inculcated this new pattern in their businesses. Naz Schinder (Founder, Schinder Law Firm) is one such brilliant leader who has helped the law industry to be more comprehensive and transformed it into a new multidimensional one-stop professional service ecosystem. 

Fearless and Action-oriented Entrepreneur

Naz graduated with a master in law degree from Atma Jaya University. Prior to her legal career, she graduated from an art school and stayed there to teach for two years. Subsequently, Naz decided to study English and enhance Chinese language at the Xinjiang University Foreign Languages Institute. As she could not find a suitable job after graduation, she decided to build a business that she truly is interested in. Further, she attended Hong Kong Fashion Institute and created her own fashion brand after graduation. Within six months after graduation, she set up 16 stores and became one of the youngest female entrepreneurs in the region.

Game-changing Inception

Naz founded Schinder Law Firm (SLF) 18 years ago in her living room. SLF has evolved from a staff of one to the most successful leading law firms in Indonesia. Over the years, Naz watched the popularity and wide application of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) grow both internationally and regionally. As she wanted to put Indonesia on the international ADR map, she launched Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC) in 2017 and since then she is serving as its Founding chair and CEO.“Our inspiration to create Indonesia’s first non-profit international arbitration and mediation service center was simple. We could hardly ignore the game-changing global initiatives such as ASEAN and APEC or the local Indonesian primary directives to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),” says Naz.

Principal Partner in Legal Matters

Schinder Law Firm provides clients with a comprehensive spectrum of domestic and international legal services. They include initial foreign investment, establishment, and operation of a successful Indonesian business. The company supports its clients in business formation, compliance, acquiring properties, obtaining permits, and hiring workers and contractors. Moreover, its practice encompasses the whole range of commercial and financial disputes including arbitration and mediation, insurance litigation, banking litigation, administrative law matters, and proceedings for judicial review.

With relentless efforts, BIAMC has also become an educational and training resource for the international arbitration and mediation community. The company offers introductory and certification programs in collaboration with various regional universities, institutions, and organizations in both forms of dispute settlement.

Creating Immense Network

Naz admits that 2020 was a challenging year that opened new opportunities. As the pace of digital transformation accelerated, she focused on digital development, privacy, and data protection. For that, together with Indonesian and Foreign experts, Naz established Indonesia’s first official association for Data Protection Officers (APPDI). It is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for professionals to share their practices as well as to learn and understand personal data protection. APPDI is dedicated to building a broad network of privacy and data protection professionals in Indonesia to share ideas, knowledge, and passion for protecting individual’s rights in the digital era.

Shaping the Best-self

When asked about the motivation behind success, Naz gives credits to her daughter. “I am motivated by being a role model for her,” adds Naz. She thrives to shape her best-self and keeps improving in all aspects to influence and inspire her daughter. Colleagues and employees also motivate Naz and they challenge and stimulate her in a positive way. Moreover, their dedication and hard work inspire Naz to do the best as a professional and a leader. Though the pandemic has caused physical distance and made it impossible to work together, everyone in the company contributes and helps each other.

Dealing with Conflicts

Speaking about the complexities in the industry, Naz says that the legal landscape is extremely complex as well as many laws have vague provisions and poor operability. Moreover, there are many contradictions and conflicts between laws. The constant changing laws create a lack of continuity in law enforcement for foreign clients. Clients find it difficult to fully meet and grasp the latest requirements. Moreover, Indonesia has deep-rooted religious sentiments and culture that influence or even displace the common legal practice. This challenges its legal environment and thus, as professional legal practitioners and service providers, Naz and team must constantly update their legal knowledge as well as enhance the experience to solve client’s problems.

A Strong-Minded Woman

In the early days of the business, Naz faced challenges by the lawyers she hired as they refused to find better solutions for clients and neglected the instructions. As Naz had a little legal knowledge, her bold decisions were questioned and this resulted in low efficiency. However, she decided to prove herself as a lawyer and a strong woman. She took challenges and solved problems one after another. “I didn’t take this as a challenge as a woman, I believe a male leader would be in a similar position if he didn’t have much legal experience,” adds Naz. Moreover, she focuses on the work and believes that her success comes from hard work and dedication.

Constructive and Independent Future

Naz has planned to focus on the goal to work in education to motivate and encourage young people with inspiring stories. She wants to provide them with a clear path to success and to follow their dreams. With years of experience and wisdom, she also wants to give back to the society and teach the younger generation who wish to learn, improve, and grow.

Advice to stay Happy and Fulfilled

To achieve the ultimate benchmark that leads to success, Naz boosts the confidence of younger women with her valuable advice.

  • If starting a family, supporting your husband’s career, and raising your children are your sources of happiness, then do it!
  • If money can bring you happiness, then make it your goal to make money. Learn, plan, execute, and acquire.
  • If social status brings you happiness, then you can set a goal, learn, and execute, and most importantly, know what role you want to play.



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