The 10 Revolutionary Women in Finance, 2023

A role of a leader is vital in promoting a positive and supportive work environment which eventually forms the founding pillars of every successful business. A homely working environment not only boosts employees’ productivity but also contributes to client and customer retention. Such an impactful work ambiance is especially important for sectors such as finance and banking, where customers hold the prioritized designation.

Samantha Tran-Jiao
Samantha Tran-Jiao: A Powerful Leader uplifting the Finance World
One of the instrumental factors in life is finance and ...
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edith hamilton
Edith Hamilton: An Inspiring Executive Coach for Women CFOs Disrupting the Finance Industry
Why do male executives in finance and other professions earn ...
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Pamela D. Kurt
Pamela D. Kurt: Inculcating Passion-Driven Leadership with Determination and Vision
“Passion is a necessary ingredient in leadership.” The statement stands ...
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Nicole Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues: Leading the PR Agency of the Future
Entrepreneurs have been greatly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ...
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