The 10 Prominent Communication Services and Solution Providers of 2020

According to the conventional wisdom, ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’. From the Roman plague to the discovery of the new world in the Americas, to combating world wars – necessity has led to breath-taking modern innovations. The COVID-19 pandemic is another travesty that has forced all stakeholders to imagine a new world. A new world where technology can drive costs down unshackles employees with more autonomy and brings communication to the forefront of growth. Hence, technology isn’t a north star on a dark night today.
UIB: Simplifying Human to Machine Communications
The communication industry has undergone many changes over the years. ...
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Micro Insurance Company: Transforming Communication in the Emerging Markets with Insurance
The latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence have taken the ...
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Integrasys: Streamlining Communication with Best-in-class Technology
Over the years, the communication industry has undergone drastic changes. ...
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Leader's Vision

CXO- Integrasys
The Acceleration of Remote Technology in Satellite
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a stark increase in the ...
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Analyzing the Brand Identity

Brand Identity
In depth understanding of Brand Identity
In today’s hyper-connected world, competition is rising rapidly and dramatically ...
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Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Threats
How to Protect Yourself from Cybersecurity Threats and Secure Your Online Data in 2024
In today’s digital age, where technology permeates every facet of ...
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