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Over the years, the communication industry has undergone drastic changes. Moreover, technological transformations, the proliferation of the internet, and the increasing use of newer communication-based applications have further propelled these changes. Technology has brought the world closer due to which the need for connectivity has increased significantly. Integrasys addresses this need by making connectivity more reliable, easier, and convenient to use for everyone. Integrasys was established in 1990 by a group of Hewlett-Packard engineers and the marquees of Antella.

Since its inception, the company has been developing technologies for streamlining communications, especially in mobility environments and remote areas for bridging the digital divide. The mission of Integrasys is to provide the industry with the best quality and fastest technology available within the monitoring systems with customer service and care. The company strives to add value to its customers in the quality of service, technology, speed, and cost-efficiency by innovating. Due to this, Integrasys is recognized as the Leader of Innovation in Monitoring Systems in the Satellite Industry. The company appears in the global picture and has been honored with many awards over the years.

Wide Range of Products and Enhanced Customer Care

Integrasys provides an array of different products and services to the customers. Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System and Satmotion Pocket VSAT Auto-commissioning System are its two key products. Furthermore, the company provides interference detection systems such as Vectorsat Carrier under Carrier Interference Detection System. Likewise, it also offers VSAT deployment and Maintenance, and Link Budget Solutions for different telecom and satellite services.

Integrasys provides better customer care with services such as installation, GVF installer training, support, warranty, upgrades, and training. It ensures that the communications are reliable, resilient, and secure for its customers. The products offered by the company are used by the customers to enhance the quality of service, deployment times, time to market, OPEX, and ease of use. Moreover, the customers are leveraging Integrasys’s software tools to have a higher business, higher customer satisfaction, and greater time to the maker with a low operating cost.

The customer base of Integrasys represents the major players in the satellite industry. Spacebridges, AT&T, Hughes, Tata, Telefonica, UHP Networks, and CenturyLink are some of its major customers. Its customer base is often satisfied with the company’s products and is in high praise with its services. Kartik Seshadri, Senior Product Director at Hughes said, “Integrating the Satmotion Pocket system in our Jupiter product Portfolio allowed our customers to meet the aggressive installation goals mandated as part of this project.

A Dedicated Sales Veteran

The success of a company depends highly on its leader. Alvaro Sanchez, the CEO of Integrasys has been the face behind the curtain for last one and half years. As a CEO, he oversees the presence of the company in EMEA, America, and Asia, while unifying the strategy and partnerships aligned with Integrasys DNA. Besides, he also oversees every area of the company from projects to products. In his short career as a CEO, he has been instrumental in increasing the company revenue, profitability, the number of products, and staff significantly. Prior to his promotion as a CEO, he worked with Integrasys on different positions such as Sales Manager, Sales and Application Engineer, and Director of Sales and Marketing. He has been leveraging his work experience with the company to its benefit.

Adapting to the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global business scenario drastically. It has severely impacted almost all the industry verticals and has turned out to be a major disruption in the communication industry as well. However, with the increase in remote work, the need for communications and software also increased at a brisk pace. Moreover, the demand for projects for customizing developments to a specific set of customer requirements has allowed communication service providers like Integrasys to come back to semi-normal operations.

During this unprecedented time, Integrasys has constantly taken care of its customers. The company adapted to the new normal by providing more remote support, remote installations, and license activations to serve its customers in a better way. Besides, it also created a new online store and streamlined all the logistics, presales, and post-sales activities.

Apart from the customers, keeping the employees’ morale high was necessary for Integrasys. In this testing time, the company developed a more flexible working environment and emphasized on motivating the employees with flexible schedules and remote work. Moreover, it is valuing the employees’ contributions and showing them the overall scope thereby giving them more visibility of where the company is heading and how. Adding to this, Integrasys has recently adopted new HR policies that have significantly increased employee satisfaction.

Communication Industry in the Future

Despite the severe impacts of the pandemic, the communication industry is expected to thrive in the near future. The data traffic will continue to rise with new applications for the new normality. Alongside, several space research companies are heavily investing in new satellite constellations. Thus, Alvaro is anticipating that there will be rapid growth in satellite communication markets in the upcoming years, as the companies will need technologies for these new satellites.

When asked about the company’s future plans, Alvaro stated, “Integrasys is very well positioned to serve our customer’s needs as we have many products developed for these new satellite constellations for designing, deploying, and maintaining these communications in operation in an easy way.”

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