The 10 Next-gen Women Leaders of 2020

There have been several active debates among doctors, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and the public about the medicinal use of marijuana. Notably though, it has been women who have pushed the growth of legalization and destigmatized use in recent years. Whether it was mothers pushing for access to the plant for their eplileptic children or simply the multitudes of women in the health and ….
Tiphany Lopez
Tiphany Lopez, PhD: A Resilient Leader Thriving in Uncertainty
Childhood often has a huge impact on turning the mindset ...
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Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith: Making an Impact During Uncertain Times
A strategic communications plan is an integral part of any ...
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Audrey Sommerfeld
Audrey Sommerfeld: Determined To Create a Difference in the World
“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you ...
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Ashley Loeb Blassingame
Ashley Loeb Blassingame: An Intrepid Leader Facilitating In the Recovery Journey
“Entrepreneurial life requires grit and relentless persistence in the face ...
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Amy Cassata
Amy Cassata: An Inspirational Story of a Nurse Turned Entrepreneur
The world is filled with inspirational stories. Fortunately! We stumbled ...
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