Tiphany Lopez, PhD: A Resilient Leader Thriving in Uncertainty

Tiphany Lopez

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Childhood often has a huge impact on turning the mindset towards entrepreneurship. Tiphany Hall Lopez, PhD (CGO of Aesthetic Record) had an early exposure to entrepreneurship. Her dad built a successful business and instilled in her a strong work ethic and extreme accountability. This early exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit has benefited Tiphany a lot in her career. She has a huge vision, a brilliant mind, and a commitment to excellent service. She is extremely goal-oriented and when she sets her mind to a goal, she is unstoppable.

Tiphany’s career graph has been extremely influential. Over the years, she has had the privilege to work on many ground-breaking projects. Prior to being associated with Aesthetic Record, Tiphany spent more than a decade working with several Fortune 500 companies. Through persistence and innovation, she was continually able to launch new projects and grow businesses through differentiation. Currently, she leads a SaaS company in healthcare technology, and her focus is to revolutionize the way the industry looks at EMR and practice management tools from a price and functionality standpoint.

Aesthetic Record was established in 2017 by Justin Harper, MD after he searched the marketplace for an affordable, complete EMR for his medical spas, and it simply did not exist,” asserts Tiphany. Aesthetic Record was built out of necessity and with a mission to cater to medical practices of all sizes and to deliver cost-effective, business-critical tools.

In a mere 3 years, the company has been recognized as one of the leading health-tech providers in the Aesthetic space. We engaged in an interesting conversation with Tiphany Lopez, PhD about her professional life and how she has tackled the challenges of pandemic and still maintained steady growth. Here are the snippets,

  1. COVID-19 has brought several unannounced changes. Can you help us in understanding how it affected you on a personal front?

Definitely! COVID-19 has affected us all on a global level. There are so many emotions and difficult experiences for so many.  . As a mother of a 7-year old, COVID has been an interesting time to be a working mom and an executive. I dealt with changes both in my personal, as well as professional life. While managing my daily responsibilities at work and at home, I was also carrying out the duties of a first-grade teacher and a full-time playmate. The most challenging part was to run a company from home while homeschooling. I am grateful that I was able to manage both to some degree of success. . Now my son is back to school, and I’m back at the office, and he and I both are grateful to be out of the house!

  1. What is your outlook on the COVID-19 outbreak?

I feel COVID-19 is both a blessing and a curse in our industry. For months, our customers were shut down with no patients and no revenue. However, medical practices utilized this time to reassess their business tools and their practice performance. We are grateful that so many turned towards Aesthetic Record to help streamline their operations.

  1. So, did you introduce any new service or solution considering the effects of the pandemic?

Yes, we built the AR No-Touch Toolkit for the practices to smoothly run their clinic operations, without sacrificing the patient experience. Additionally, we developed an integrated, HIPAA-complaint, telehealth platform and helped make virtual consults the norm in Aesthetics. My team and I were mainly focused on helping clients boost virtual payments and recurring revenue to keep practices afloat. We worked extraordinarily hard because our customers needed more from us!

  1. What are your opinions on remote working? And do you prefer remote working over traditional working?

Our company could work remotely forever if that’s what we wanted, but I value the spontaneous collaboration and team cohesion that comes from working together physically.  In fact, when the lockdown was lifted, and we knew that we could return to our offices, we jumped on board. We’ve enjoyed being together again. However, the one thing we have changed is more work from home days. And, team productivity and morale are at an all-time high!

  1. How did you maintain the social connection amongst your teammates?

The COVID-19 outbreak really gave us a chance to connect—albeit virtually— and we are closer for it. . While remote, we held weekly team meetups via Zoom with equal parts business and fun. All of us were more intentional with taking a video call and making a personal connection rather than a quick phone call or text.  We were all in the trenches together, and I’m so proud of how my team handled it!

  1. How do you think has COVID-19 outbreak altered the business operations in the industry?

I think COVID has highlighted the excess spending by practices and suppliers on headcount. To overcome this, numerous companies have searched for the right tools and automation so they can right size their staff. It may not always be a reduction, necessarily, but a reallocation of people to the right jobs. . I believe we will continue to see businesses cut payroll costs and invest in technology to augment their teams. We still haven’t really applied AI to routine tasks or major decisions. But, soon enough, AI and other tech advancements will begin to revolutionize how we work.

  1. What in your opinion is that one quality that differentiates a successful entrepreneur?

In my opinion, the most successful quality for any entrepreneur is resilience. That is the true litmus test between those who can withstand the storm and still retain the drive and the desire to carry on and those who wear down and bow out. As a woman, motherhood teaches you to operate with very little sleep, no food, and no breaks, and even when you’re sick or you think you can’t go on, somehow you do. Running a company is much the same.  No matter what happens and what storm comes my way, to succeed at anything, I have no choice but to keep pushing onward.

  1. Being a veteran in the industry, would you like to share your views on gender inequality?

I know that gender disparity is tragically still a reality for many women out there; however, I have not personally felt its effects. I grew up in the construction industry, running crews, and working with men, so I’m comfortable with that dynamic. It isn’t something that enters my mind.  Although, that being said, I’ve been the only female at the table more times than I can count during my career!

  1. How did you overcome this disparity? Any advice for the budding womentrepreneurs?

My motto has always been to deliver work that is invaluable and of such high-quality that you are impossible to ignore. It is important to be yourself so I never try to be what I’m not. Being a female leader and leading with a feminine edge has only benefitted me in the career. Perhaps, I have been successful because I’m a woman with a different approach and a different perspective than my male colleagues.

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