The 10 Most Influential Marketing And Advertising Leaders of 2023

Tamara Alesi

Tamara Alesi: Inspiring Change in the Marketing and Advertising Landscape

Tamara Alesi, the CEO of Mediaplus North America, leads the North American office of
the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in Europe. With 35 offices across
20 countries, she holds a commanding position.

Web Images -Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu: Trailblazing the Advertising & Events Industry with Dynamic Leadership

In a crowded marketplace, standing out as a leader requires …

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Dr. Amy Cook
Amy Osmond Cook: A Strategic Leader Pioneering Marketing Solutions

Dr. Amy Osmond Cook is a renowned leader in the …

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Marty O' Halloran
Marty O’ Halloran: A Passionate and Creative Leader Galvanizing Advertising Network DDB Worldwide

Today, leaders directing creative firms are passionate, committed to work, …

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Kim Grennan
Kim Grennan: Transforming Next-Gen Marketing and Advertising Leadership

Marketing and advertising is one of the rapidly-changing industries of …

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