The 10 Most Influential CEOs of 2020

Food has been influencing culture for ages—emotions and expressions of our lives have been very much co-dependent on food. Besides, each generation passes its own culture to the next through the means of traditional cuisines. It is also believed that the majority of childhood experiences revolve around the food we consume. Similar experiences were felt by Andreas Ronken, who is currently serving as the CEO of Ritter Sports—A Germany based ….
Erik Brieva
Erik Brieva: Breaking New Ground with Continuous Innovation
Since 1962, the Cuban trade embargo has been in effect ...
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Boris Arciniegas
Boris Arciniegas: Leveraging Technology to make a Sustainable Change
Indeed, the world is in constant motion of progression. Supervene—the ...
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Toby Ruckert
Toby Ruckert: Helping People to Regain Control of their Digital lives
Human to Machine (H2M) communication is one of the most ...
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Marc Rippen
Marc Rippen: A Driven Entrepreneur Making a Difference in the Lives of Diabetics
The medical device and diagnostic industry are constantly growing and ...
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Optimal Workshop
Andrew Mayfield: Putting People at the Heart of Decisions
How often do we come across a 12-year-old who is ...
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