Boris Arciniegas: Leveraging Technology to make a Sustainable Change

Boris Arciniegas

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Indeed, the world is in constant motion of progression. Supervene—the idea of coexistence has deserted. Though, the two schools of thought intersect at sustainable development. The enduring battle for a sustainable world is demanding. At the time when the world is fighting against the novel coronavirus — the focus has definitely shifted towards sustainable options to move ahead.

Catering to these sustainability needs, Business IT is supporting its clients to meet their business goals through ‘Green IT’ technology solutions. The company was established by Boris Arciniegas (Founder and CEO) with a mission to create pioneering, internationally awarded technological solutions for Latin America and the world.

Inclination towards Entrepreneurship

Boris’s entrepreneurial journey began from his childhood. From the early years in school, he was always very observant, analytical, and creative by nature. Adding to his nature, he had a great creative environment viz. a humble home that always sought to improve itself through new ways of generating income. The blend of his vigilant nature and conducive environment sowed the entrepreneurial spirit in him from an early age.

He used to take inspiration from global figures that stood out in the field of science such as— Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, etc. Boris was always attracted to mathematics, physics, technology, and computers. Moreover, at the university, he participated in and won some programming competitions at the country level. This induced him to step into the Information Technology industry. After working for several companies for about 10 years, Boris established Business IT in 2009.

What does Business IT offer?

Headquartered in Ecuador, Business IT is a most innovative business group, specialized in high-technology computer services, with a presence in several Latin American countries. With a team of more than 100 top-level professionals, the company provides a plethora of technology solutions including,

  1. Digital Transformation: Cloud Datacenter, Document Management, Process Automation, Hyper Agile Apps Factory
  2. Operational Management: Event Management and Monitoring, Cloud Data Center Management, IT Infrastructure, Service and Support Desk
  3. Academic Solutions: Academic Management, Learning Management, Student Retention

These solutions have a high degree of innovation as Business IT is among the first in the world to adopt new technologies that are now being released faster and faster, for the benefit of its customers. Moreover, these solutions are ‘Green IT’, which allows organizations to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity through sustainable and environmentally-friendly IT practices.

My main goal is to change the world…

As the CEO, Boris manages several roles and responsibilities. He visions where the world will find itself in the following years and where the technology will be found in the future to create a plan for the organization and lead everyone along the path. Moreover, he creates the conditions viz strategy and culture for the company to improve faster and faster. He believes that the only sustainable competitive advantage over time is the ability to change rapidly.

Alongside this, Boris is also responsible for creating new leaders who push the boundaries of the organization, supporting all the organization’s staff to grow personally and professionally. Besides these roles, the aspect that distinguishes Boris from his fellow leaders is his goal to change the world. “My main goal is to change the world, to generate a massive transformation that allows us to have a better place to live. The economic success of the company is secondary,” he adds.

Crisis is an Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the global economy and the personal finances of people around the world. While the pandemic has affected all industries severely, it has presented opportunities for the information technology sector. Particularly, the companies that were highly reliant on new technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence are now experiencing a hike in their sales as many companies have started accelerating the digital transformation. Making the most of these opportunities, Business IT redesigned its entire service portfolio in March to include many solutions that the market requires in the new normal.

When asked for advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive in these times, Boris voiced a quote by Albert Einstein—“The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries because the crisis brings progress. Creativity is born from anguish, as the day is born from the dark night. It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries, and great strategies are born. Who overcomes the crisis, surpasses himself without being overcome.”

A Leader should be….

The role of a leader becomes pivotal for a company to thrive especially in these unprecedented times. Having led Business IT successfully for a decade, Boris highlighted some of the most important and unique qualities a leader should possess. These qualities include,

  1. Character/Integrity: Leaders must inspire confidence. What the leader thinks, says, and does must be perfectly aligned.
  2. Competence/Ingenuity: Good leaders seek excellence in everything they do. They invest time in becoming the subject matter experts they lead.
  3. Focused on the Clients: Leaders must understand that the business exists for the clients. They should not allow internal bureaucracy to impede the growth of business or organization.
  4. Team Builders: Good leaders always build great teams by selecting the best.
  5. Good Communicators: As communicators, leaders should work consistently on their skills and should be able to clearly summarize and explain their ideas.
  6. Transmit energy and Stimulate Others: A leader should have a clear vision and be able to communicate it. Good leader consistently emanates high levels of energy and show that they love what they do.

Boris Arciniegas

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