The 10 Inspiring Business Leaders to Watch Out For in 2020

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the two vital pillars for building a successful venture. One such leader who is known for his wisdom on entrepreneurship and innovation is Feyzi Fatehi (CEO of Corent Technology). Feyzi is an inventor of the first Real-Time Database and has spent his….
Nicole Rodrigues
Nicole Rodrigues: A Transformational Leader Disrupting Traditional Marketing Stereotypes

The number of people entering into entrepreneurship has increased rapidly, …

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Giovanni Patri
Giovanni Patri: A Resilient Leader Approaching His Vision Irreproachably

Often throughout the journey, we encounter people who do not …

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Alberto Guidotti: An Innovator Inspired By Creating A Better World For Everyone

The virtual-world’ has benefitted people with an alternate world to …

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Nancy Harris
Nancy Harris: A Tech Veteran Transforming Traditional Business Management To Cloud-Based Services

Digitization has caused companies to make a big move from …

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Mona Andrews
Mona Andrews: Empowering Women to Balance Caregiving with Their Careers

For years, women have struggled to juggle their careers and …

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Marina Tognetti
Marina Tognetti: The Audacious Entrepreneur Not Afraid Of Taking The Risks

Entrepreneurs are people who do not keep the status quo …

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Marcus Schmalbach
Marcus Schmalbach: An Excellent Coach And Impeccable Veteran Of Risk And Captive Management

Marcus Schmalbach is Founder and CEO of RYSKEX, headquartered in …

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Marc Rippen
Marc Rippen: Transforming Diabetic Healthcare With Innovative Solutions

Recently, technological advancements have started influencing the healthcare industry too. …

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Carey-Ann Oestreicher
Carey-Ann Oestreicher: A Strategic Superstar Leading With An Unique Perspective Of Life

Leaders are always under a constant pressure to outperform each …

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Aspects of leadership

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Sustainability Value

Sustainable Workplace
A Fresh Start For Organizations To Create Sustainable Workplace

Presently, Coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people globally …

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