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The virtual-world’ has benefitted people with an alternate world to exist in. Every individual has different identities over the internet. But it has been in the wake of The Pandemic where people have fully turned to this virtual-world for assistance, so they can always remotely interact with each other. Businesses have now switched to virtual office rooms to ensure the full safety of working, with no negative effects on its continuity in these hard times. All business sectors are looking for more digital IDs, for instance, Financial Services, Travel Industry, Social Media Network, Public Administration, Healthcare, Hobbies and Free Time and, of course, Cryptocurrencies.

The existing problem here is the mandatory KYC updates at every week’s interval and the rise of fake profiles all over the internet. Alberto Guidotti (Founder and CEO) has found a solution establishing Tap-ID in 2018 as the beginning of a revolution to manage the online identity, which would be significant for the years to come. Tap-ID was started with an aim to invest in creating a personal certified KYC biometrically managed by users, based on Blockchain where everyone can decide when to share data, and when to stop data provisioning. Everything in a full remote way.  Alberto is also the founder and Co-owner of Euronovate that is focused on Digital Transformation.

In a chat with Mirror Review, Alberto explained his approach to challenges, exploring the reliable, future-proof and cost-effective solutions. Here are the snippets…

Extremely Easy, Fast and Cheap

What according to you is the quality that differentiates your company from its competitors?

TAP-ID wants to create a global standard in Digital Onboarding, with the most effective biometric engine and the smoothest process. We will provide Digital KYC to all the citizens getting formal authorization to use it Country by Country. TAP & GO and new Banking accounts will be opened. Extremely easy, fast and cheap!

Learning Is What Matters

How did you embrace your failure? Did your failure change you in any way?

Good question! I love fighting and winning, working hard and have fun. When I started Euronovate Group from scratch, I was the first to be employed but I did not give up despite the challenges and kept on moving forward. Today after 8 years, I’m managing a group of 5 companies in 6 countries and more than 150 employees. I think throughout the journey the battle will be surely hard but I will always learn new lessons. 

Zeal for Innovation

Being a CEO and Founder, how will you describe your daily routine?  

I wake up early in the morning, have my usual exercise routine, breakfast, email checking then reaching the daily office around 9 AM by plane; meetings up to 1:30 PM, quick lunch break then back to meetings until 8:00 PM, finally dinner and last email checking/replying up to midnight. This is my ‘before the pandemic’ routine, which included business travels around Europe at least twice a week. This gets arduous sometimes but I’m in love with my job and with the creation of new products, spreading ideas to change the world. That’s my energy, the daily engine for me and my team.

Restart and Recreate the Dreams

As a leader, what is the most difficult part you encounter at your job?

Over my years establishing the company, I trained several young professionals, with passion, for them to become leaders and I got personally connected to each individual. With time few of them decided to leave and create their own company or becoming CEOs of other companies. Yes, it was hard to see them leaving and hard to restart from the scratch but that’s the only way I know to realize dreams.

The most difficult part of my job is creating the right dream for everyone and keeping the dream alive day by day.

Never Give Up

As a mentor which are the qualities you would ask the emerging leaders must-have?

I think the first and most important ingredient is passion, you should love your job. Hard working as an individual doesn’t seem a big deal but you should be the first employee reaching the office and the last one leaving. Secondly, the horizontal communication—more you take the stock, more you can find smart solutions in a short time. And last but not least, resilience—never give up—when others feel there is no possibility on 1 million, you will be there and keep fighting to win.

Establishing a Global Standard

What are your plans for the company?

Euronovate Group is now growing and becoming an international leader, with internal natural growth and external M&A. My goals are even more ambitious for TAP-ID.

Being optimistic, I want it to become the ID Unicorn in the coming 5-10 years.

Alberto Guido

Body Health is Important

Despite your busy schedule, how do you keep yourself healthy? 

Health has always been a priority for me and no one can take me away from my spinning session every week. Every weekend I also have Tennis matches, which I never miss.

I have always thought a healthy body is the key to preserve mental health. This schedule helps me maintain the balance between the stress I encounter in my professional role.

Everyone should have a stable healthy routine because it is the bedrock of a healthy mind.

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