The 10 Influential Women in Tech, 2023

This time we shine the light on the story of a woman technopreneur, Michelle Zhang (CEO and Founder of MUSE), a China-born Australian entrepreneur. Michelle is a true technophile who has used cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, virtual reality (VR), and blockchain to transform online shopping into a social experience that has taken the industry by storm. 

Beth Bauer
Beth Bauer: Enabling Disruptive Innovation in the Tech Industry
Women are leading across various tech roles today, mainly by ...
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Connie Ansaldi
Connie Ansaldi: Leading the Charge for Diversity in Tech
Historically, the technology industry has been dominated by men, resulting ...
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Sylvie Noel
Sylvie Noel: Emerging as an Epitome for Women in Procurement
One of the vital operational elements of an organization is ...
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Catherine Vlaeminck
Catherine Vlaeminck: Empowering a Tech Leader to Disrupt an Industry
In today’s world driven by data and the need for ...
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