The 10 Influential Tech Leaders, 2023

With the increasing adoption of cloud services and strategy, cloud management has become a vital trait in the present scenario. To date, the incorporation of cloud in management as well as operations has proven effective for businesses to scale success. 

Austin Ogilvie_Web Images
Austin Ogilvie: The Maverick Changing the Game in Digital Compliance 
Automation is gaining popularity all across the world. Every industry ...
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Mohammed Mubin Mallick
Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A Self-Motivated Leader Driving Innovative Solutions in the Field of Technology
Over the years, we have been wondering how robots will ...
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Kevin Steer
Kevin Steer: An Innovative Leader Generating Insightful FinTech and InsurTech Solutions
With the emergence of several new technologies including AI, machine ...
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Karim Elhanafi
Karim Elhanafi: Offering Security Solutions With The Touch Of Combined Technologies
Karim Elhanafi, the Founder and President of ONG-IT GmbH specializes in Video Analytics supported by machine learning, mobile ...
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