Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A Self-Motivated Leader Driving Innovative Solutions in the Field of Technology

Mohammed Mubin Mallick

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Over the years, we have been wondering how robots will be performing most of our tasks to make our lives easier. We have already started living this dream where the world is turning into a smart world. Turning our dreams into reality and bringing about a robotic revolution to the world, Mohammed Mubin Mallick, a visionary leader and a robot enthusiast, founded Kiran Smart in 2019—the first AI Humanoid Robot company in Kuwait.

The Foundation to Success

Through self-motivation and determination, Mohammed climbed up the ladder of success to reach where he is now. Being born in a village, he had a tough time completing his education as he didn’t know any other language except his native language i.e., Bengali. He faced several challenges and obstacles throughout his educational journey as he was unable to speak and understand English. However, with hard work and consistency, he gradually learned to handle things and successfully completed his education, and went on to pursue MBA in Marketing from Cardiff University, UK.

Further exploring his potential and pursuing his interest in the field of technology, Mohammed started his professional journey in Information Technology. Despite having no educational background related to this field, he continued to work harder and prosper. By gradually gaining more experience and knowledge, he is currently an innovator and works on providing latest technological solutions worldwide through his company.

Smart Company Leading to the Smart World

Kiran Smart works on delivering solutions globally in the fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and Fintech. The company was established with the main intent to create jobs and provide financial assistance to people and donate some of the profit to poor people. Prominently working on providing IT Infrastructure Solutions, Kiran Smart provides services including networking, WiFi, security, structured cabling, and rental services. Additionally, with such rapid advancements in the field of technology, the company has also started providing solutions in digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, fintech, and virtual reality. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiran Smart served disinfection robots that provided disinfecting services to the market.

A Magnificent Leader

Being at the helm, Mohammed has a major responsibility and contribution towards the functioning of the company. Playing the role of a leader is a tough challenge and not an easy task. However, he nurtures the company as his own child—contributing to its immense growth and success. As a part of this role, Mohammed constantly conducts research on the latest market trends on advanced technology that helps Kiran Smart stay updated and be ahead of its competitors.

Additionally, as the CEO, he ensures to look after his employees, customers, distributors, manufacturers, and partners and keep everyone happy and satisfied. He is an exceptional leader who treats all his employees equally with respect and kindness. He solves their problems at priority, shares his knowledge with others to help them to grow, and always provides his support.

Mohammed has received several awards and achievements for portraying his excellence throughout his career. Some of the prestigious awards won by him include the Most Admired Global Indian 2020, Global Choice Award for being Serial Entrepreneur, Top 10 pioneering CEOs to follow in 2021, and Dynamic CEOs 2021 among several others.

Spearheading the Smart Team

Mohammed spearheads a diverse and smart team of talented individuals. The team is a mixture of different nationalities and expertise combined with skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled employees.“Kiran Smart team is really smart and that is the reason the word smart is attached to our company name”, says Mohammed. He has great love and respect for everyone in the company and treats every member as a part of his own family.

To make them feel like a part of the family, he talks to every member personally and asks them about their family issues, financial and personal issues, health issues, and also about their family vacations and outing plans. He is also considerate about giving extra holiday or early leave for the day if required so that the employees feel well treated. His team members also value his efforts and contributions and treat him with equal love and respect. “They love me so much which make them call me as ‘Brother Mubin’ instead of Sir or Boss”, adds Mohammed.

Rafting through Waves

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Mohammed has overcome numerous obstacles and challenges through innovative strategic planning and dedication. In his opinion, entrepreneurship is a challenging and demanding field where new entrepreneurs are constantly emerging in the market every day with new innovative techniques.

However, he constantly works with his team to introduce innovative products and services as per the latest market trends. His ideology of entrepreneurship, “Take the Challenges and Win it with a Smile,” makes him a unique and inspiring entrepreneur.

The Stepping Stone

Mohammed believes that leadership is one of the most important skills and character that should be possessed by every entrepreneur to grow and become successful. A great leader is able to handle his team much more efficiently. He also believes that an efficient leader spearheads the team and helps them grow by avoiding or solving all their problems/issues. Since a leader has experience in different scenarios and problems related to the business environment, it makes them more efficient in solving complex scenarios.

Mohammed further believes that a leader always guides his team to the correct path leading to success and ensures that they do not fail. A good leader must have a proper understanding of team psychology to strengthen his team and provide proper support. Another major role of a leader, as per Mohammed, is to choose future leaders among the team and prepare them to lead the future for success, and to have a better life in the professional as well as on the personal front.

Words of Motivation:

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