The 10 Elite Insurance Companies of 2020

Over the past few years, technology has been at the front and center of almost every industry. Likewise, it has taken hold of the insurance industry as well. Presently, the demand for new insurance products is rapidly growing to change the traditional insurance landscape to insure against natural disasters and cyber-attacks. Thus, to keep up with the same market potential, the insurance industry is adopting new technologies faster than ever.
PPX TEC: Enhancing Data Sharing Source Compatibility Throughout Healthcare
The changing landscapes of healthcare have managed to alter the ...
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Sean McCahill
Clovered: Striving To Make The Insurance Process Easier
“If you are still in the mindset that insurance is ...
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Atidot: A Leader in Predictive Analytics, AI and ML in the Insurance Industry
The Pandemic impacted the L&A insurance industry in a number ...
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Anticipated Trends

future of Insurance
How does the future of Insurance Industry look like?
A broadening focus on customers’ experiences and journeys is now ...
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Revolutionizing Insurance

The Role of Big Data in Insurance Industry
The Role of Big Data in Insurance Industry
Before the computer was invented, back-office management purposes in order ...
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