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Supply Chain Shortage: iPhone 13 launch might be delayed 

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Key Highlights:

  • According to the Nikkei Asia survey, MacBook and iPad have been impacted by supply chain problems.
  • MacBook production has been pushed back due to a part shortage.
  • A lack of displays and display parts has hampered iPad manufacturing.

Shortage of chip, iPads, and MacBook’s production in halt

Apple has postponed the production of its MacBook and iPad versions due to a global supply shortage. According to Nikkei Asia, this is only the beginning, and Apple could face even more severe chip supply problems in the future. This is the same as the 2020 launch, the iPhone will be released late in 2021. The laptop production has been delayed due to a chip shortage needed to install components on printed circuit boards before final assembly. At the same time, it is reported that iPad production has been delayed due to a shortage of displays and monitor parts.

Just imagine a big company like Apple is facing the problem. Foxconn, last month highlighted a shortage in global chip supply that could impact chip shipments to companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more Think about the small business

COVID-19: Disruptive effect on the global supply chain

Supply Chain

Small companies are in serious trouble. In June 2020, months into the pandemic, an average of more than 30% of American small business owners across industries reported a disturbance in their supply chain. Supply-chain disturbances can have a wide range of consequences for small businesses. They can decrease sales, inflate prices, reduce market share, or trigger manufacturing problems, all of which can damage a company’s bottom line.

Serious concern for consumers, iPhone 13 can be delayed

The most pressing concern for the iPhone fans that if the iPhone 13 launch will be hampered by a chip shortage. The supply chain shortage has not yet impacted iPhone demand. However, it adds that the supply for some of the devices’ components is very tight.

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