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SteamOS and Proton in Valve’s Steam Deck

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Key Highlight:

  • The Steam Deck is a PC that runs a different OS, especially Linux.
  • The Steam Deck is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, buttons and sticks.
  • Steams Deck have eight triggers: four at the top and four at the rear.

Steam games for switching

The revolutionary new Handheld PC gaming device, Steam Deck, is revealing 16 July. It is difficult to avoid being stuck by the price, power, shape, and function balance Valve has been able to strike after spending several days playing a wide selection of games across two days.

Fortunately, it’s with good reason because Steam doesn’t sell watered-down games like users can get on the Nintendo Switch, after all.

The Steam Deck is a handheld PC in the tradition of GPD Win devices. But in Windows 10 or Windows 11, this device doesn’t work. Steam OS and Proton, words that can be known to some, but that may be strange to others. This doesn’t work with Windows, but users can play a Windows game there.

Explanation of SteamOS and Proton

The Steam Deck isn’t Valve’s first gaming hardware endeavor. Valve’s first try of a game console the Steam Machine, which runs its software, SteamOS. Steam machines were PCs running a separate OS. The Steam Deck is a PC that operates another OS, Linux in particular. Steam Deck is supplied with SteamOS 3.0, a system based on Arch Linux with a plasma-desktop environment, as per Valve.

Proton is a Steam compatibility layer that is around for quite a long time. Right now, you have access to Proton when running Steam under Linux. You can play only Windows games on Linux PCs.

Valve has an official white list of Proton-enabled games, but users may enable them and take them for a whirl for any other Steam library game. It could work, it could not, but Proton is well and you never know that you haven’t played on Windows for most games that work well. Furthermore, customers have not confined to one version of Proton; older versions can hangover because newer versions occasionally break down particular games and functions.

Stipulation of Steam Deck

The Steam Deck sports a 7-inch touchscreen, as well as the standard buttons and sticks. The placement of the right auxiliary stick is good to observe. It’s located just upside of the action bottoms instead of the dreadful position on the bottom that is far away from the Switch and Razer Kishi. 

Two trackpads are also available, so it makes reason to start the whole PC game library and both trackpads will automatically act as mouse substitutes. The Steam Deck also has several novelties in terms of triggers. Eight triggers are there: four on the top and four on the rear, where the pinky fingers and ring fingers lay.

The Steam Deck runs all PC games alone, without cloud-gaming requirements. At this point, it is unclear whether or not cloud gaming is an option. However, it would certainly be an addition, given the considerable duration of the system. Since steam decks are essentially browser-friendly Linux PC and other apps can be installed. Players will also expect that it should be no problem to configure streaming services like the Game Pass or Stadia.

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