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How high will Solana crypto go?

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Solana, launched in 2020, has experienced highs and lows in its three-year history. Following the FTX scandal in November 2022, Solana took a significant hit, plummeting from over $100 to below $20. Solana has faced other challenges like network outages, performance issues and other, resulting in a loss of $47 billion in market cap in 2022. Once boasting a market cap of $52.6 billion, Solana’s value dropped to $4.7 billion by early 2023. However, there has been a recent turnaround, signalling a positive shift in Solana’s fortunes. 

Why Solana is Going up in 2023? Factors to Consider 

Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX 

Solana’s resurgence can be attributed to the resolution of Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial. He, the former CEO of the troubled FTX cryptocurrency exchange and an original Solana investor, faced concerns that the trial might reveal damaging information about Solana, leading to investor panic. Additionally, uncertainties surrounded the extent of Solana holdings by FTX and its affiliates. However, when Bankman-Fried testified in his defence on October 27, the trial’s conclusion in early November, Solana has seen positive momentum and upward price trajectory.

After FTX liquidated a $1.16 billion Solana holding, concerns arose about a potential massive sell-off. However, the impact was less severe than feared. FTX’s staking of 5.5 million SOL, valued at $122 million, contributed to boosting investor confidence. 

Less Security Breaches and Partnerships 

In 2023, security breaches decreased significantly to just 1, compared to the 7 reported in 2022. 

Visa’s integration of stablecoin settlement capabilities on the Solana blockchain, in partnership with Worldpay and Nuvei, represents a major milestone in facilitating cross-border money movement. This collaboration not only strengthens investor confidence in Solana but also underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation. Also, Solana has formed key partnerships with entities like Dubai Free Zone and AWS, further expanding its strategic alliances for continued growth and development.

Institutional Inflows 

Solana’s notable ascent can be attributed in part to a substantial increase in institutional investor interest. The flow of institutional funds has seen shifting from Ethereum to Solana. In the first 32 weeks of the year, Solana experienced consistent inflows for 28 weeks, contrasting with outflows observed in Ethereum during the same period. This significant influx of institutional capital is identified as one of the key drivers behind the rising value of Solana. 

So, these are the factors contributed to the upward trajectory of Solana’s price.

How high will Solana crypto go?

Short Term Prediction

Solana is predicted to reach as high as $72 by the end of 2023. To achieve this Solana needs to rise 24% in the span of next five weeks. 

So, is this Possible? Yes, Because Solana is the one of the most top performed cryptos in 2023 with over 450% price surge. So, it seems likely that Solana can reach the mark of $72 this year.  

Long Term Prediction

Solana is predicted to reach the maximum price of $428 by the end of 2030. To get there, Solana needs to grow at the factor of 7.5 in the next seven years. This means, Solana must double its value each year for next 7 years to attain $428. So, will this be possible? 

It is quite hard to predict whether Solana double its price every year consistently for next seven years. But as we can take example of this year, which had remarkable surge over 450%, the situations like this can manage to attain $428 by the end of 2030.  

Where can it reach by 2040? 

Solana is predicted to reach as high as $3922 by the end of 2040. To attain this, Solana need to grow 30% each year for next 16 years to reach $3922. 

Let’s see what are the factors that are essential for Solana to reach$428 by 2030 and $3922 by 2040. 

Factors that could affect Solana’s price 

Adoption and Ecosystem Growth: The broader adoption of Solana by developers and businesses holds the potential to elevate the demand for Solana. The surge in decentralized applications (dApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects on the Solana further contributes to the increased demand, thereby fostering a potential upward trajectory in their value. 

Market conditions: In 2022, the crypto market faced challenges due to unfavourable conditions in liquidity and inflation. These factors will play crucial role in influencing the price of SOL in future. 

Use Cases Expansion: Solana, traditionally recognized for its impressive speed, faces increased competition in the blockchain market. To maintain competitiveness, the platform must diversify its use cases beyond speed, addressing the evolving needs of users and developers. Also, to solidify its position, ongoing innovation and technological enhancements are crucial. By continually improving its technology, Solana can outpace other blockchains, attracting developers and users and consequently boosting its overall value in the market. 

Analysts’ Prediction for Solana – 2030

In a bold projection, investment firm VanEck has set an ambitious $3,200 price target for Solana. This forecast is underpinned by a modified valuation model typically applied to companies, indicating a potential market cap of around $2 trillion for Solana by 2030. The optimistic target assumes Solana’s dominance with a 30% market share in crucial sectors like “finance, banking, payments” and “metaverse, social, and gaming.” 


While aggressive price targets like VanEck’s target of $3,200 might be on the higher side, a more pragmatic expectation of $428 by 2030 appears feasible by the end of 2030. In light of the enhanced performance compared to the previous year and the establishment of crucial partnerships and ambitious projects in development, such as a new mobile crypto strategy and a major payment initiative, suggesting a positive trajectory for Solana. The projected price target of $428 by the end of 2030 appears plausible given these developments.

However, achieving this target hinges not only on improved performance but also on broader adoption of Solana. The sustained growth of the ecosystem and the expansion of Solana’s use cases are critical factors. These elements contribute to the platform’s competitiveness and play a vital role in realizing the set price target.



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