The 5 Must-Have Software Programs for Every Business

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There are many run-of-the-mill productivity apps on the market that make sifting through the ones that are best for your business difficult. And since remote work has become more prevalent after the pandemic, collaboration between teams has become difficult. And since many work-from-home employees can take long breaks during work time such as playing video games or trying out Facebook VR, managing them can become hard. So employee tracking and productivity apps have become necessary. Let’s take a look at the 5 apps that can help track employees and maintain productivity.

  1. XNSPY

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring app for Android that enables employers and businesses to secure their data against employee misuse and maltreatment. It enables a corporation to monitor everything that occurs on its employees’ smartphone devices. It provides many remote employee monitoring options at a reasonable cost. There are many Android 12-supported employee tracking apps, but because of its price-to-performance ratio, several websites recommend XNSPY.

Since the app operates in stealth mode, employers may have peace of mind knowing that their surveillance requirements will not be jeopardized by a dissatisfied employee discovering it.

The email monitoring and geo-tracking capabilities of XNSPY prevent intellectual property from being sold digitally or in person. Employers can monitor email usage. Employees who are selling intellectual property to the highest bidder or a whistleblower may communicate with outsiders using Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, or any of the other popular instant messaging applications.

Most of these messaging applications employ end-to-end encryption, which can make an otherwise focused employee distracted from their work. But the app provides a good workaround to ensure employees remain productive. End-to-end encryption gets intercepted by the mobile monitoring app for Android as it fools the operating system into uploading the conversations to a separate server, which can be retrieved later on by the human resources department.

The app features dependable customer care who can help with the installation process and recommends the version that is a must-need for specific businesses. It gives it a massive advantage over the other applications on our list. And with each update, XNSPY ensures that the app contains the most up-to-date monitoring algorithms, the employee monitoring process gets more accurate and raises fewer false flags.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor makes it simple to create projects and allocate tasks. Employers may control which employees work on certain projects and tasks. TimeDoctor also lists all of the persons that worked on various projects, as well as the number of hours they worked during the day. It aided in data security by granting staff limited access while also measuring their efficiency, workflow, and production.

It offers separate desktop software for time monitoring that functions independently of the Android app. The amount of hours spent on each job is documented individually.

Employees can continue work even if their internet connection is unavailable since Time Doctor records their activity offline and uploads it when they reconnect. It means whenever they reconnect to the internet, their time and screenshots will quickly sync to the main server. Time Doctor also eliminates inactivity. The time tracker will automatically stop if there are no keystrokes or mouse clicks for a defined duration of time. You may manually pause the timer or choose a time interval between tracked hours to take a break.

The application does take screenshots at several configurable periods. However, when the app fails to sync, the monitoring process becomes inefficient and incorrect.

  1. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a productivity manager rather than an employee monitoring system. However, it does provide extensive tools that boost staff productivity and efficiency. The SAAS application runs on Google Cloud services and provides users with analytical feedback to help them eliminate distractions and discover top performers’ work routines.

The app places a lot of emphasis on Spotlight Patterns which is a term they use to highlight the efficiency of the best workers to try and replicate the conditions resulting in those employees’ high productivity levels. The feature provides insights into top workers’ performance environments and utilizes historic benchmarks and trends so that the team can set better expectations and end goals. It also helps managers to quickly recognize employees who do well.

Users may also use the app to track employee performance in a remote work setting. It gets accomplished by evaluating historical data, work trends, and burnout tendencies. Inefficient workflows, once identified by the software, are easier to resolve. These strategies do not burden employees, but rather empower them. Employees become driven to perform at their best since they notice that their behavior is being monitored.

It is because ActivTrak prides itself on having no keystroke monitoring, no video surveillance, and no email tracking. As a result, ActivTrak is an excellent productivity tool that should not get overlooked.

  1. Hive

Hive is one of the top productivity tools available to organizations. Hive offers a collection of productivity tools in a single, easy-to-use package. The app allows project members to check their to-do lists, interact with one another in real-time, and sync their schedules. Users will also discuss ideas and remark on the project’s progress.

The idea behind the product is that there should be a productivity suite that ensures every team member has a role in the project and that each member will work in a collaborative workspace.

Hive also allows people to access tasks and view them across the board. Hive also has a built-in messenger that makes co-working easier and makes exchanging sudden ideas quicker. It allows for a better overall experience, as it doesn’t break momentum by opening other messaging apps.

But my favorite feature of Hive is its task prioritization tool. The tool allows managers to assign priority to crucial tasks. The priority assigner can then elaborate on the task by explaining what every member needs to do to complete it on time. Users can also customize the priorities and assign different color codes to them, highlighting the urgency.

  1. Teramind

This software is a good mix between employee monitoring, threat detection software, and productivity analysis reports. Teramind’s intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboard simplifies complex data and records and presents them as easy-to-read visual representations in the form of charts, graphs, and maps. The best thing about the app is that it equally divides the features between all tools, making it a powerful suite.

Teramind also offers managers a one-of-a-kind feature set for keeping track of their employees. Live session video and the related video capture capabilities are significantly better than the snapshots most rivals offer.

Teramind’s services do not end with video; it also supports various call center clients. Teramind also features audio monitoring, which lets any audio flow into or out of a computer that is being observed. The many tracking solutions available from Teramind may digitally record a computer’s workflow, allowing for extensive analysis in the future. Administrators can then rewind and fast-forward to detect misuse.

Teramind’s PC monitoring software includes insider threat detection, third-party vendor monitoring, data loss prevention, risk management, legal, and compliance features. It offers an easy-to-use user interface and dashboard that doesn’t slow down due to the size of the project or extensive live session watching and video recording.

But new users can get overwhelmed by the number of productivity tools it offers. Also, the tech support can be slow to respond.

In summary, every one of these software has its utility and use case that greatly improves businesses’ output. Each of them provides different functions, ranging from employee monitoring, productivity analysis, time tracking, and data security. As each software has a separate function from the rest, businesses can use them in conjunction, taking their profits to the next level.



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