Virtual Meeting

Socialization via Virtual Meeting In 2021

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Key Highlights

  • Zoom is the most used virtual meeting application.
  • Microsoft “Team app” to communicate with up to 300 people for up to 24 hours without having to pay a subscription.
  • To make meetings more engaging, meet includes a redesigned user interface (UI), autozoom, and enhanced reliability features powered by Google AI.

Virtual meeting

Several aspects of our lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous organizations have switched from in-person to virtual meetings as a result of social distancing guidelines. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are forced to work from home for their safety. Without being physically present, virtual meetings enable people to exchange information and data in real-time.

Most used Virtual meeting app 

  • Zoom- Zoom is one of the most common business video conferencing solutions. Up to 200 meeting participants, unrestricted cloud storage, personalized addresses.
  • Skype- Microsoft’s famous Skype service has been upgraded to include a business-ready video conferencing function. It has several business functions, including the ability to hold meetings with up to 250 people. It can communicate with other Skype users, and use virtual whiteboarding.

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Socializing with Microsoft

Microsoft Teams has made its features widely available to users on desktop, tablet, and the web. The new experience, which was first made available for preview in June of the last year 2020. On the mobile edition of Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS devices. It will allow users to make video calls with their friends and family in the same way they communicate with their business clients. Video calling and community chats are among Microsoft Teams’ features. ‘Together Mode’ in video calls with friends and family to get a more personalized experience. Microsoft has revealed that the new experience would be available for free, in addition to bringing personal features. This means the Teams app to talk with up to 300 people for up to 24 hours without paying a subscription. 

Google advancing the meet app 

Google has introduced new features for its Meet app. It includes a redesigned user interface (UI), autozoom, improved reliability features powered by Google AI, to make meetings more interactive. Users of desktop and laptop computers will notice a modern, more comprehensive user interface with a variety of easy-to-use features. It will make meetings more efficient and inclusive. Updates to video streams, the viewing and presentation experience, and the bottom bar are part of the current Meet.

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