College Student Social Media Influencers: 4 Ways to Improve Your Video Content

College Student Social Media Influencers: 4 Ways to Improve Your Video Content

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Have you ever spent a few hours scrolling a social media page looking through their photos?

Well. Then we know you respond better to visual aid. And if you are an influencer, do you just focus on photos? You might want to move to using videos for your content. Because, believe it or not, the era of video content is here. 

Even Facebook supports video ads now. And maybe you have already tried the video revolution but something is not just right. That is why we have this article for anyone who wants to improve their video content.

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Now let’s start

1. Start with a strategy.

You see those videos you see online that seem so effortless. Well, there is effort and work put into it to look effortless. The video content creators that are successful in this venture start with a working strategy in place. For instance;

  • First, you might want to do some research on your target audience.  Are they students or working-class people? Are they professionals or people figuring out a profession?
  • Next, you might want to know if you have competitors out there. If you are coming in with the same content as several other creators, there is a chance your content might not attract anyone.
  • Additionally, get your ideas in line. What are you going to cover? Is it a long singular topic or is it all over the place? 
  • Next, is content scheduling. How often do you post videos? We recommend that it be a consistent schedule.
  • Also, figure out how you delegate tasks. Or will you prefer to do everything, that is the video capturing to video editing all on your own or will someone do something else and what it would be?
  • Then, figure out the budget line for your video projects. It takes a while to start earning from videos so you don’t want to go overboard. However, better videos attract more people so you might want to invest in good equipment.
  • Finally, figure out the purpose of your videos. Are you going to be sparking conversations about issues, attracting new people, or drawing people’s attention to a new launch? 

2. Captivate with your content.

Now that you have put the strategy down, it’s time to adhere to it.

So this is how you make your content more captivating. 

  • Make the first few seconds matter

Does your attention drift after a few seconds of a bad presentation? So will your viewers. Be lively in the first instance and you can hook their attention by using an interesting fact as a hook. Or you can ask some thought-provoking questions that make the viewer stay around to find out your opinions. 

You can also make use of appealing music and powerful visuals including your logo. You are putting out your brand for everyone to see, you want them to associate you with good content.

  • Keep your content short and interesting.

If there is something that will keep viewers coming to your page, is interesting content. You can be lively and have excellent videos but if the content is not interesting, it will not work. Another thing, no one wants to watch a video for more than twenty minutes. 

So, keep it short. If you have a lot of things you can break it down and have a series of videos on the same topic rather than put everything in one video.

3. Make Use of Subtitles.

We know you have heard of people who scroll through social media when waiting for their coffee. Or doing something that takes most of their attention. Most probably they have their phone on mute or they are watching those new categories of videos called shorts. 

So do you get your very interesting and valuable information across? If not, then you should use subtitles.

Not only will someone get what you are talking about, but even in regions where your language is unknown or the audience is hearing-challenged, they will still know what you are saying.

And to be honest, most people can’t decode every accent on the planet. So what if we are interested but we keep missing out on what you are saying? We simply turn on subtitles. If you somehow do not have subtitles, you might be losing out on valuable clients or followers.

4. Learn about lighting

We have covered everything from strategies to content ideas to nitty-gritty details like subtitles. But there is something that can either make or break your video and it is lighting.

We are familiar with Zoom calls and how some people appeared to be in a cave when in fact they are in a room sitting up. But because they sat in front of a window, they are covered in a shadow.

This is something you need to avoid. Here is how you get the perfect lighting to shoot your video;

  • The Blue Hour– about 20-30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise. The tones are cooler and perfect for outdoor shots. 
  • Cloudy days– you might think that the gloominess will spread to your video. We are here to tell you that this is perfect for outdoor videos. The light is softer and less shadows.
  • And finally, the absolute favorite. The Golden Hour– about 20 minutes before the sun sets. The tones are rich and the hues are softer. You also get fewer shadows.
  • Avoid harsh artificial light. This means those overhead bulbs that give white light. Opt for yellow light. But generally, it is better with natural light.

Wrapping up.

Well, are you feeling knowledgeable about good videos now? We hope so. Positioning your business or brand online via videos is a guaranteed way to sell more or get more followers. However, we know it has been hard at first for you. If you follow the tips above, you might be successful with videos.

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