SignalFx delivers next generation of application

SignalFx delivers next generation of application for monitoring

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SignalFx is the first to enable directed troubleshooting for applications and microservices.

SignalFx, the leader in real-time cloud monitoring for infrastructure, microservices, and applications, unveiled the SignalFx Microservices APM, the industry’s first real-time application performance monitoring solution designed to accelerate troubleshooting for DevOps teams through advanced real-time analytics.

SignalFx Microservices APM is built on top of SignalFx’s advanced streaming analytics platform for metrics which applies unsurpassed data science in real-time to identify the root cause of critical application problems. Integration with advanced automation workflows can remediate issues in seconds.

Powered by NoSample distributed tracing architecture, SignalFx Microservices APM observes every single transaction – not just a small random sample – and reports on every anomaly. With the new Outlier Analyzer, the most challenging issues can now be pinpointed and resolved with a single click.

Traditional APM systems are not designed to handle the scale, complexity, and dynamic nature of today’s microservices environments. Their probabilistic sampling and batch processing approach may work for legacy monolithic applications but falls short in a microservices world, leaving developers in the dark and customers frustrated.

“The world happens in real-time and if something goes wrong, finding problems minutes later just doesn’t cut it,” said Karthik Rau, CEO, and Founder of SignalFx. “Customers expect technology and applications to just work. Their tolerance for failure is next to zero with the value of their brand held in the balance.”

Next Generation of Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

  • Flexible – SignalFx makes it easy to ingest metrics, traces and events from any source across the stack. DevOps can flexibly use the best tool for the job choosing from a wide range of supported instrumentation options – APIs, Smart Agent, Telemetry Adapters, Function Wrappers, Code Auto-instrumentation.
  • Real-time problem detection – SignalFx is the only cloud monitoring solution based on streaming metrics architecture with mutable metadata. The SignalFx streaming architecture is the only platform capable of detecting problems in seconds no matter the amount of data generated by modern, short-lived infrastructure and distributed microservices.
  • Directed troubleshooting – SignalFx shortens problem resolution in a microservices environment by capturing all anomalies and directly assisting the operator during the triage process. Through features like Outlier Analyzer, SignalFx applies powerful analytics that guide DevOps to the root cause of issues in seconds.
  • Built for DevOps velocity – SignalFx is an API-driven solution, designed to be easily integrated with the DevOps toolchain. Every aspect and functionality of the platform can be controlled and programmed through code leveraging well-defined APIs.



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