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Seasonal Promotional Products: Best Picks for Holiday Gifting 

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You’ve decided to give out promotional products as part of your next marketing campaign, but you’re struggling to understand which product your customers will find useful. 

Fortunately, seasonal trends play an important role in consumer behavior and understanding these trends can help you find the perfect gift for your customers. 

Keep reading to learn about the different seasonal trends and how to find the best seasonal promotional products for your target audience.

Understanding how consumer preferences change throughout the year can help you find seasonal promotional products that your customers like, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Promotional product companies like Save Your Ink offer products that suit every season.

Consumer preferences change throughout the year because the seasons affect our mood, lifestyle and work habits. In general, you can see the following trends in each season:

  • Winter

Since people are indoors more often, they tend to focus more on self-care, diet and exercise. Products like water bottles or gym bags fit well with this lifestyle change.

  • Spring

As winter ends, customers start looking for outdoor apparel, tools and sports accessories. Earthday is also in April, so eco-friendly products also work well in spring.

  • Summer

Summer is the time of year when people are spending time outdoors, grilling, playing sports and on holiday. Promotional products like BBQ accessories, outdoor apparel, water bottles and coolers are reliable choices for summer. 

  • Fall

After the summer, people spend more time indoors and prepare for winter. Your customers may also be returning from summer holidays and getting back into work mode. This makes fall a great time for home gadgets and office supplies.

Holiday-Specific Product Recommendations


Christmas is the time of year when you can show your appreciation to customers. Stray away from cheap, simple gifts such as pens and opt for something with more of a personal touch, such as a personalized notebook or a high-value tech gadget.


Thanksgiving is another great time to show your appreciation. Thanksgiving dinner is the focal point of this holiday, so branded drinkware, cooking accessories and gift boxes make an excellent gift.


Chocolate is the go-to promotional product for Easter. Companies like Save Your Ink offer branded chocolate boxes that make the perfect Easter gift.

Incorporating Brand Identity into Gifts

Gifts are a great way to show customers your appreciation, but promotional products are also meant to increase brand awareness

To incorporate your brand identity into your promotional gifts, include your company logo and color scheme somewhere on your gift. Your logo should stand out so others will notice it, but shouldn’t be too overpowering. To fully incorporate your brand identity, always choose products that reflect your company’s values. 

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Options

Mаny сonsumers toԁаy рrefer to work with сomраnies thаt рrioritize sustаinаbility. Eсo-frienԁly gifts аre а gooԁ wаy to show сustomers thаt you аlign with their vаlues аnԁ аre сommitteԁ to рroteсting the environment.

Everyone remembers when they get a great gift, so giving innovative gifts will help customers remember your brand. While more generic options like pens and notepads are fine, innovative gifts like wireless earbuds or a keyboard can make a more lasting impression.

Tips for Personalizing Promotional Gifts

Personalizing promotional gifts can be a great way to show customers that you value your individual relationship with them. Choose carefully which holiday promotional items to personalize. For example, an engraved pen makes a better gift than a personalized t-shirt.

Logistics and Planning for Holiday Promotions

Holiday promotions are extremely time-sensitive and delivering a gift after a holiday has passed can leave a bad impression. To be sure you deliver your holiday gifts on time, plan at least a month in advance. Creating custom products can take 5 to 7 days and shipping can take more than a week, depending on your location.

Contact the promotional product company months before the holiday to discuss branded gift options. Companies like Save Your Ink can also give you product recommendations and help you with product design.

Set a delivery date for your holiday gifts and ensure you have the necessary resources to complete all deliveries. If you’re unsure whether you can make deliveries on time, deliver gifts a couple of days in advance just to be sure.

In conclusion

While most people will appreciate any gift, choosing the right holiday promotional items can help you leave a lasting impression on your customers, which increases brand loyalty and, ultimately, sales. Always consider the season when choosing products, as each season affects people’s lifestyles, moods and preferences.

Incorporate your brand identity into gifts by adding your logo and color scheme in a tasteful, subtle way. If you really want to make your gifts stand out, offer innovative items, eco-friendly products or a personalized gift. 

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