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The manufacturing industry has grown rapidly over the years. However, the emergence of new technologies has seen several changes in the way products are manufactured nowadays. Among different advances in manufacturing, additive manufacturing has emerged significantly over past few years. Due to its advantages over traditional manufacturing like flexibility in design, speed of operation, and reduced wastes, additive manufacturing processes have gained ground within a very short period of time. 3D printing is also one of the technologies that have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Along with manufacturing, it is being extensively used in several industrial sectors like healthcare, aerospace, automotive, robotics, education, etc. Presently, there are numerous companies and startups offering 3D printing services and solutions.

Founded in 2014, Sandhelden specializes in making sand-based products using 3D printing. The company utilizes technical and aesthetic possibilities of 3D printing into its customized products. Sandhelden provides products that are made of sand and are of the highest quality, are sustainable, unique, and have versatile formidability.

Exclusive Products and Services

Sandhelden emphasizes on two business areas. It offers individual bathroom products such as washbasins and bathtubs. With its technology and sand as a material, the company is revolutionizing the sanitary market with its products. Moreover, it runs a service business with its creative manufacturing where customers can make their own products from the sand. Providing bathroom products is the original idea of Sandhelden where it offers customers a unique exclusivity. The company is the only one in the market to use sand as a material for their bathroom and design products. Furthermore, Sandhelden is ahead of its competitors due to the possibility of customization. The company offers complete flexibility in terms of shape, color, and design.

In the later service, i.e. the creative manufacturing, the company mainly has creative customers such as artists, designers, and design companies. Sandhelden offers them sand as a new design material and helps them turn new ideas into products in sand, using freedom in the form of 3D printing. Apart from this, as many people are not familiar with 3D printing or sand processing, the company does a lot of things such as 3D modeling, packaging, shipping that are not part of its classical service. This ultimately results in complete customer satisfaction.

The Face behind the Curtains

Laurens Faure, the Founder and CEO of Sandhelden, has been instrumental in the company’s success since its inception. After graduating as a Bachelor of Science, he worked as an intern in different firms. During his studies at the University of Maastricht in 2014, he established Sandhelden. However, the company started operating professionally in 2015 when it started to attract investors.

As the Founder and CEO, Laurens primarily handles the administrative process. Furthermore, he also coordinates all the R&D activities and oversees the entire production. At the beginning of the company, he wasn’t even aware of what was going to come up to him, but now he finds motivation with the diverse technological possibilities and different and exciting projects.

Coping with Increased Competition and Demand for Sustainability

Every growing business comes across numerous challenges day in and day out. Likewise, Sandhelden also faces two major challenges i.e. the intensified competition and increased demand for sustainability. The company is combating successfully with these challenges. Regarding competition, it is pursuing a strong brand strategy to position the Sandhelden brand in the field of art and product design.

Furthermore, Sandhelden emphasizes on increasing partnerships with well-known artists and designers. The company is also planning to meet the increased demand for sustainability through its various research and development projects that are underway. Apart from this, it is working with company Parley to be able to print recycled plastic from the ocean. In this way, Sandhelden is expanding its product portfolio and increasing its sustainability.

Uncertainties due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Along with sustainability and competition, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges to the company. The situation perhaps is not as bad as the company first feared. Orders in the creative manufactory initially fell sharply due to uncertainty in the market. However, the figures have started recovering. Furthermore, the company has noticed minimal loss in the sale of its bathroom products as many people are currently looking at their own homes and are improving it. Thus, these uncertainties have impacted the company up to some extent, but not in a significant manner.

Combating the Crisis

Through this phase of uncertainty, it is extremely hard for companies to keep the motivation high. However, Sandhelden has been able to keep the spirit high by standing even closer together as a team and making the team members share their concerns which each other. The company has completely revised its marketing strategy and with the new orientation, it has found new motivation. Sandhelden is aware of the fact that irrespective of the time, it must not lose sight of its big goal and this is what has kept them inspired constantly.

Exciting Projects in Near Future

Presently, the Sandhelden is planning for several projects that are expected to be launched in upcoming months. On one hand, there are larger construction projects that are related to the company’s bathroom products. Furthermore, the company is also planning a project with the Dutch design studio Rive Roshan in which it is exhibiting various design objects in the Rossana Orlandi Summer Gallery in Sardinia.

3D Printing: Today and Tomorrow

3D printing is still the manufacturing technology for the future. Presently, it has been in the rapid prototyping phase for some time. The current business market is B2B driven and only a few professional applications can be found at the private end customer. The bottom line is that 3D printing should be used to its advantage. Only then a higher B2C share in the long term will be achieved. Sandhelden is optimistic that this will be achieved in the near future.


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