Salesforce Integrates IoT into Sales and Marketing

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Geekwire has confirmed that Salesforce has introduced IoT Cloud Explorer Edition. This new service will allow marketing, sales, and support personnel to use and maintain IoT devices. The new cloud service will present information on how customers utilize IoT products. This will let companies to transform the way they approach service to connected businesses and enhance their pitches for new clients in those industries.

The introduction of IoT Cloud Explorer Edition will allow workers without technical or coding experience to analyze and manage IoT devices. The service further offers graphics-based tools that users can use to design routines using IoT devices. For instance, a company that generates power from solar panels can allow its employees tasked with maintaining relationships or selling service to receive regular and real-time reports on power generation and delivery. This will empower them to offer better service to support the company’s business and propel their revenue growth.

IoT is expected to expand its dominance due to its ability to integrate devices and services with all aspects of any company’s business. Collecting the data generated from devices and turning it into a useful product both internally and externally, is one of the key problems encountered by many companies. According to BI Intelligence 37% of executives from companies offering IoT-based services have highlighted difficulty with sales and marketing. Salesforce is a key tool at many companies for sales and marketing teams. Introduction of IoT Cloud Explorer Edition to allow access to IoT data will enable it to be even more closely integrated into daily processes and empower Salesforce to occupy an even larger role in sales team’s day-to-day lives.



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