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Sathya Kumar

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Transitions are never simple. Switching from volume-based care to value-based care is putting healthcare organizations under immense pressure. To reduce costs while enhancing patient outcomes, quality of care and overall population health are some of the pressing matters these organizations are facing. Furthermore, their incapability to take advantage of the data-driven insights is barricading the healthcare industry from significant changes in care delivery, administrative efficiencies, new treatments, and medications. For these healthcare organizations, the ideal solution is to use modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Machine learning (ML), etc. to transform the available pool of information into actionable intelligence.

With more than two decades of experience, the President and CEO of Techindia Infoway Pvt Ltd., Sathya Kumar is transforming the healthcare sector by delivering scalable, reliable and cost-effective knowledge-driven services to meet the demands of this industry. Sathya is a multi-faceted leader and under his leadership, Techindia is speedily growing in the highly competitive landscape. To reach this position, he struggled and faced a multitude of challenges. With only $100 in his wallet, he started this business from scratch.  Reminiscing about the past, the CEO shares, “Early days, I did multiple roles including HR, Operations, Sales and marketing to keep our expenses low. Hence, I know all the nuances and painpoints of all the business verticals that we run today and know how to effectively and efficiently run them.” Along with his team, the versatile leader now is developing an AI platform for arrythmia detection and classification aside from disease predictions like MI and cryptogenic stoke for real-time ICU EKG feeds, wearable sensors, old age care homes and wellness management of chronically ill population, etc.

Moving Towards a Healthy Future

As the healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation, Sathya believes, “We operate in a niche, where there is no room for anything other than 100 percent accuracy and precision in healthcare delivery.” The dynamic leader understands that a huge amount of knowledge, subject matter experts and, especially, a reliable backend infrastructure are needed to execute this. So, Sathya with his team offers their clients a robust supporting structure in an impressively personalized manner, thereby allowing them to work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better healthcare. The proliferation of smartphones and growing wireless network coverage offered Techindia an opportunity to share information directly and securely to patients seamlessly. By leveraging these aforesaid tools, Sathya accompanied by his team is developing to offer digital health systems with new possibilities. In parallel, is tackling some of the pressing issues such as accessibility, convenience, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and cost of healthcare.

Quotes on challenge | Techindia InfowayWhen asked to share a thought about going back in the time to change anything in his journey, Sathya says that rather than going backward, he wants to move forward. He further adds, “None of us can live life all over again, but we can increase our overall happiness by choosing to make changes in our career, goals, finances, health, and relationships.

Identifying Challenges and Addressing With Customized Solutions

Being the Founder of a prominent organization, Saytha has witnessed that there is number of challenges emerging for healthcare providers to address. These challenges are vital requirements for custom-made healthcare, delivery of high-quality care at lower cost, increase in the costs of healthcare delivery, and comply with the regulations established by the governments globally. Also, ‘data’ is bringing a new revolution in this sector. To stay relevant, healthcare providers need to take advantage of data-driven insights toward proactive healthcare. Therefore, the team of Techindia offers personalized solutions to healthcare providers that are an ideal solution for aforesaid issues.

Sathya with his team is always ready to deliver best of breed’s custom-made solutions. This solution includes exceptional remote cardiac diagnostics, arrhythmia interpretation, e-ICU monitoring solutions, and enterprise healthcare management solutions. These solutions are closing the gap between healthcare providers and information technology by deploying its new-age augmented intelligence (AI)/ML platform with a high degree of customization.

Happy Employees Lead To Satisfied Clients

When it comes to culture building, we say our people are our greatest assets and the key to our success—and we truly mean it,” says President Sathya. He ensures that all the employees are happy and healthy while working, thereby enabling them to be more successful and enhance their growth. So while recruiting, he focuses on hiring individuals who are remarkably talented, self-motivated, and dedicated to achieving their customers’ success.

Striving To Be Better

To have continued success, a strong and dedicated team is essential who is ready to go an extra mile for customers. Similarly, the team of Techindia is a group of creative and client-focused individuals and amongst the best and brightest in the industry, bringing a broad range of relevant expertise to the table. To maintain this status, Sathya ensures that all employees have the proper tools and resources to accomplish their assignments.

Because of this, he doesn’t have micromanage everything. Instead, the members are assigned with an attainable goal and enough autonomy to complete it and monitor progress. “We allow the team members feel empowered enough to embrace responsibilities and enjoy a sense of ownership. And always the senior management is available if anyone needs a consultation,” says the CEO Sathya.

The Rise in the Adoption Of mHealth

Quotes on struggle | Techindia InfowayAs customers are becoming more health-conscious, the demands for healthy options are increasing. Techindia CEO Sathya believes that there is going to be a large adoption of mHealth for different markets. He further says, “To remain relevant, the industry needs to adapt fast and uncover new ways to meet changing consumer expectations, while also tackling competition from aggressive and nimble new market entrants across the OTC medicines, nutritional supplements, care plan, tracking vitals with predictive alerts and personal care sectors.” Foreseeing such scenario, Techindia’s products are designed to deliver personalized wellness tracking for chronically ill patients. Initially, these products will be launched and deployed for 50,000 registered patient populations. Sathya also predicts that following areas in mHealth will lead the market in the coming years such as training development, health extension services, remote monitoring for patients and clinical care, health promotion and community mobilization, pharmaceutical supply chain integrity. In addition to this, peer-to-peer personal health management, educating people about health, emergency response systems, HR management and supervision also plays a significant role.

AI is the Future Technology

The transformational healthcare leader foresees that AI technology is going to stay for the long term. Sathya believes that AI can deliver the insight needed to make positive changes across the board. Since the healthcare industry is shifting towards bespoke medicine and value-based care, AI technology has the potential to deliver the analytical speed, scalability, and precision needed to extract valuable intelligence from health data. For healthcare providers, leveraging this powerful technology can bring a reduction in the cost, improvement in quality and vital for enhancing healthcare all over the world.

A Piece of Advice

No advance technologies like Bionic eyes, wireless brain sensors, artificial organs can replace the original creation. Hence, prevention is better than cure, holds good for all ages. Maintain a work life balance, regular fitness that suites people, connect with nature, night sleep, make necessary life style changes to stay active.

Quotes on healthcare | Techindia InfowayPatients and physicians to adopt mHealth to the maximum and ensure such platforms are secure before transmitting PHI data. Embrace large-scale smart applications and telemedicine for health management and remote consultation.

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