Mirror Review's Transformational Healthcare Leaders, 2020

Transitions are never simple. Switching from volume-based care to value-based care is putting healthcare organizations under immense pressure. To reduce costs while enhancing patient outcomes, quality of care and overall population health are some of the pressing matters these organizations are facing. Furthermore, their incapability to take advantage of the data-driven insights is barricading the healthcare industry from significant in care delivery, administrative efficiencies, new treatments, and medications.
Nicole Latimer StayWell
Nicole Latimer: A Modern Age Leader Gravitated Towards Organizational Goal
In today’s fast-moving life, the term healthcare has also evolved ...
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Jim Cavan
Jim Cavan: Building A Healthcare Platform Beyond The Language Or Social Barriers
Information is power. Having the information about patients’ health can ...
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Timothy Kelley
Timothy Kelley: Aiming To Become A Specialist In Telehealth Sector
The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges due ...
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Mark D. Boyce
Mark Boyce: Always At The Forefront Of Strategic Thinking
In the healthcare industry, change and evolution are constant. In ...
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Kumar Subramaniam
Kumar Subramaniam: An Undisputed Frontrunner Leading With Reputation And Goodwill
In the year 2010, Kumar Subramaniam (Co-Founder and CEO) envisioned ...
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Decade of Disappointment

CO2 Impact
Is CO2 Really Impacting Your Cognitive Ability?
The United Nations released the first emission gap report ten ...
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Breaking Healthcare Barriers

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