Public speaking in business ―benefits, challenges and the art of “soft selling”

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Public speaking may be one of the most underrated aspects of any business. While self-help books approached it numerous times, it remains a critical skill that few can leverage thoroughly. The power of words in corporate can significantly boost a company’s sales because it enhances the importance of the product or service, as well as supporting the community in creating genuine projects for customers. 

Public speaking is a combination of charisma and learned strategies. When these two elements work together, a person’s personal satisfaction and confidence can be transferred to a group of employees. In other words, by using critical thinking, proper communication skills and learning how to listen, you can change the narrative within your team and increase productivity rates. 

Public speaking serves different scopes

Public speaking strategies enhance the level of communication with others by deepening the understanding between the company and the customers/employees. If winning over your crowd, this method can be adapted to many situations, far from the monotonous speech of “just do it”.

It can be used as informative speaking, which encompasses professional knowledge but can also include training a team on using a new tool. On the other hand, persuasive speaking takes the form of debates and formal speeches and is a highly demanded skill in corporations. But don’t forget about entertaining speaking, which is the easiest way to break the ice in a lecture.

Public speaking has career and personal benefits

Improving your team’s morale can be a real challenge, especially in the context of capitalism, consumerism and similar dreads of the regular office worker. It’s easy for the mind to wander instead of looking for solutions, but at the end of the day, we’re only human.

Still, if you believe there’s more room for improvement in your team, you might check out CMI Management Speakers, who provide training, consulting and similar services that offer life-changing knowledge wherever they go. By approaching this solution, you might help your employees:

  • Be more comfortable in stressful situations;
  • Stand out in the workforce;
  • Find more like-minded people who share essential values;
  • Learn to argue in formal settings professionally;
  • Overcome their stage fright;

Why do your employees need public speaking skills?

In business, good communication is paramount. It’s maybe the only important aspect of good collaboration, improved promotion and product delivery because it allows customers to understand right away what the brand is about. At the same time, it lets organizations be more explicit about their efforts.

Learning public speaking as a skill for the future not only ensures another competence in their CV but also prepares employees for further challenges. For example, it helps boost confidence, essential for long-term cooperation and improved morale, which can be helpful against burnout.

Moreover, public speaking is the base of leadership skills, which can prove valuable in team projects. In the modern day, a team should be able to work together without mindlessly following one person. Therefore, anyone with critical thinking skills can step in and alter the project’s path in order to get the best outcome.

Public speaking is the basis of a clean brand image

A company’s brand image is indeed provided mainly by its doings. But these activities must be delivered in such a way that it fits the communication channel and the target audience so everyone is on the same page. This job is one of the most difficult in the world, where journalism has expanded so much. Therefore, depending on the audience and the brand image settled by the organization, it should be able to put people forward whose public speaking abilities are outstanding.

This is not only important for increasing sales. Of course, being successfully persuaded by a confident person might make you buy that product or service. But when you believe in the purpose of that product and the impact of owning it as a way to mitigate something, it is the next level of a great speaker.

Let’s take the example from Steve Jobs. The legendary Apple CEO created exceptional speeches over the years, delivering simple and direct messages instead of entering complex aspects of a product’s features. Instead of focusing on the object, he often likes to enhance the experience that came from using it. The iPhone wasn’t presented as a revolutionary mobile phone but instead a package of experiences coming from the iPod features. At the same time, it was shown as an internet communicator, which, back when the iPhone was created, represented the nation’s main interest.

The art of soft selling through public speaking

We’re so used to dynamic forms of selling, persuading and advertising products that we forgot about soft selling. This strategy allows companies to avoid being pushy, which is something that annoys many customers these days. Instead, soft selling builds a stable relationship between the customer and the brand by focusing on the client’s needs. Therefore, when interacting with people, employees know how to guide the conversation, listen to their needs and complaints and know what buttons to push.

After the pandemic, companies tried approaching new ways of attracting clients, considering that difficult times made people buy less. So, they came up with more human advertisements personalized in regard to each target audience. This type of post would be created in such a way that people could relate to them, so they wouldn’t feel like reading a product promotion. On the other hand, businesses that continued the traditional marketing strategy didn’t have the same success because the evident profit journey corrupted the bond between the customer and the brand. This is why having teams whose skills include public speaking and not just persuasion makes the difference.

Final considerations

Public speaking is an underrated feature to have in your company. It can be enhanced with the help of other professional speakers. Still, it’s indeed true that some workers are included in a specific talent of communicating and engaging with the audience. So, if you want your productivity to increase and employee morale to boost, make sure to introduce this innovative approach in the company.

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