Platform9 introduces Managed Kubernetes Service for VMware

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What is Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK)?

Platform9, software as a service provider introduced a managed Kubernetes service for VMware which is called as Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK). It allows enterprises to deploy and run Kubernetes easily without the need of any management overhead and expertise.

The platform is built on a distribution that is 100 percent compatible with the upstream instance of Kubernetes made available via the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). It also permits organizations to run Kubernetes instantly from anywhere.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes in VMware

PMK allow enterprises to easily improve their VMware environments so that they can take advantage of Kubernetes in a way that does not require any management overhead for the customer. In less than an hour, the Kubernetes deployment eliminates any need for internal IT operations. Numerous IT associations want to deploy Kubernetes on raw hardware that is a hard disk since applications require access to graphical processor units (GPUs). They also can’t afford the additional application performance overhead generated by a virtual machine.

Features of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Self Service Management

IT Operations and VMware administrators can now help developers with simple, self-service provisioning, and automated management experience. It is now easier to deploy multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Management across all environments

Kubernetes can run easily from anywhere with the help of PMK. It also delivers centralized visibility and management across all Kubernetes environments that is on-premises, public cloud, or at the Edge. This help to improve the utilization and reduction of costs across the entire infrastructure.

Fast Execution on VMware

PMK allows enterprises to run in less than an hour on VMware. It removes any operational complexity of Kubernetes at scale. PMK helps enterprises to modernize their VMware environments without the need of any hardware or configuration changes.

Open source community

Enterprises can take it from the open source community. Kubernetes-related services and applications are without any code forks. It makes sure that portability works across environments.




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