PersonaPanels Joins Nielsen Connected Partner Program with Tanjo Platform, Launching Novel AI-Driven Marketing Research

PersonaPanels Joins Nielsen Connected Partner Program with Tanjo Platform, Launching Novel AI-Driven Marketing Research

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PersonaPanels, an innovator in applying AI to marketing research, announced today that it has joined the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. Working with Tanjo Inc.’s novel machine learning platform, PersonaPanels creates populations of simulated consumers for dynamic research panels that can provide continuous feedback to companies and marketers. Machine learning models of consumers allow clients to test an infinite number of product and service ideas at speeds unimaginable compared to conventional market research panels at a fraction of the cost, without compromising consumer privacy.

Bring Your Customer Data to Life with AI and Machine Learning

PersonaPanels and Tanjo collaborated on Nielsen’s Connected Partner Program application to demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform. Tanjo partnered with two of the world’s leading academic experts in human behavior choice modeling to create the Tanjo Animated Personas (TAP) platform to give companies a real-time, data-driven simulation method to understand customers and engage in ongoing conversations. Using machine learning, TAP creates dynamic simulated customer models from anonymous and archetypal customer segmentation data.

Patrick Gorman, chief executive officer and founder of PersonaPanels said joining the Nielsen Connected Partner Program provides PersonaPanels with access to Nielsen’s powerful data, ideal for curating authentic consumer models. Personas function quickly and without bias; behaving like human panels ideally should but never do. Unlike traditional consumer panels, their Personas never experience fatigue or try to please the questioner, and because the Personas are animated, they can be accessed at the client’s convenience, day or night, allowing an almost infinite variety of ideas to be tested as often as necessary and at speeds unimaginable before now.

Richard Boyd, Tanjo founder and chief executive officer said that data has been brought to life in the form of synthetic customer Personas. Marketers can now watch as these synthetic customer models view and digest content. Present a TAP model with product messages and see it respond to that messaging from the viewpoint of that customer segment. They have worked with PersonaPanels from day one to help in ways that advance the market research industry and they are excited to continue to grow their successes within Nielsen’s connected partner ecosystem.



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