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In today’s competitive market, everyone tries to be distinctive when seeking customer attention. For excellent brand building and attracting potential customers, people pay for advertisements, influencers, search marketing, and other tools that will build their customer list. However, most brands tend to ignore public perception, which is the most crucial factor in Public Relations (PR) and marketing. Currently, though many companies provide PR services, very few have been successful in outstanding clientele branding. While everyone else is paying and struggling to pursue the customers buying services, Otter Public Relations becomes an exception with its cutting-edge PR strategies and tactics.

World-Class Foundation

The traditional PR industry focuses on bringing innovative leaders and brands into the mainstream media but operates on an antiquated model. However, today’s dynamic consumers expect speed, quick results, and good Return on Investments (ROI). Otter PR was founded primarily to disrupt the space and provide efficient solutions. Established in 2020, the company guarantees media coverage for every client. Known for its result-driven publicity, Otter PR is a place where passionate entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives plan effective brand building to yield great results.

Exclusive Solutions and Services

Otter PR mainly serves in the areas including media relations, reputation management, crisis management, and media training. Building a strong media network, the company has established relationships with top media outlets, including online publications, TV, radio, and podcasts. It also works with reporters and journalists to provide high-traffic placements. A team of reputation management at Otter helps its clients get good online reviews, removal of negative comments and articles, and creation of powerful backlinks.

Working with crisis communicators, the company reduces the length and severity of a crisis with strategic planning and appropriate communication in media. Moreover, their media training services empower clients to master TV, podcast, and radio interviews. In addition to the efficient methods of strategic planning, the company focuses on results through the “OTR™” method that includes Outreach, Trends, and Relationships. It guarantees meaningful results and has pledged to make PR accessible to small and medium-sized businesses by offering monthly services and competitive rates.

Multifaceted Leader

CMO and co-founder Jay Feldman established Otter PR with the goal to modernize an outdated business model. When the company was just started, Jay wore many hats such as CMO, COO, publicist, writer, and everything in between. Later when the company grew, he took the role of CMO with an emphasis on business development. Currently, he focuses on growing Otter PR into the premier PR firm in the United States. Jay adds, “When big brands like Coca-Cola need PR, I want them to think of Otter PR first.”

Accountable Team

The team is an important part of any organization. Otter PR’s secret to success is teamwork. The company has a growing team of 50+ experienced publicists, journalists, broadcasters, and writers with 300 years of combined experience. Considering quality and accountability within the team, the staff and employees hold each other to the highest standards and strive to exceed expectations together. They create daily, weekly, and monthly workload plans, while tracking different KPIs to ensure both quality and accountability.

Every day, the team collaborates on breaking news, media requests, and new media trends. The team is very prompt and adaptive to changes. Whenever an opportunity arises, Otter’s team is to first know it and quickly take action.

Meaningful Client Satisfaction

The Otter team represents a diversity of clients, including entrepreneurs and experts in finance, real estate, health and wellness, technology, thought leadership, finance, the law, and crypto. Moreover, the work model at Otter consists of guaranteeing meaningful results and is thus dedicated to serving SMEs with monthly services and competitive rates. This gives clients the power to decide the appropriate time duration and strategy for their particular brand. The company provides increased credibility as well as develops a media presence that aligns with customers’ communication goals.

Each client at Otter receives a highly attentive PR team that consists of an account executive, strategist, publicist, and a writer. Moreover, they also have access to the media professionals like TV anchors and reporters with decades of experience. Talking about the feedback, Otter PR has hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials from clients it served over the years. Jay adds that the commonality revolves not only around their talented team, responsiveness, and quality services but also the speed and strength of the PR company. Otter PR has placed clients in a Netflix documentary, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, International Business Times, Entrepreneur, Politico, Good Morning America, The New York Times, PopSugar, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, and other top-tier media outlets..

Industry-driving Trends

Being a digital PR company, Otter has to stay aware of the latest things happening in the industry. Driving such an organization, Jay has his finger on the pulse of the PR industry, and he communicates with the largest players in the PR space. “I believe that as media is trending in a social direction, PR will need to adapt in order to keep up,” adds Jay. In order to broaden the research and the capacity to serve clients, Otter PR has started working with influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasts.

Well-rounded Future Service

Otter PR has planned to expand several services as the business grows. It currently offers reputation management and crisis communication services which make up a tiny part of the overall business. The company wishes to expand on all the divisions in the upcoming years and be a go-to for large corporate communication services. This will allow the company to serve its larger clients in a more well-rounded manner. Moreover, as the company has set the standard for media relations services already, the expansion will definitely be beneficial for the entire industry.


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