Soundproofing Solutions for Your Workspace: Why Online Streamers Should Invest

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One of the best options for a business in the modern age is online live streaming. There are loads of benefits to this, such as the fact that anyone can do it and they don’t need a degree or qualifications. The revenue of the live video streaming market is already worth more than £1.23 billion, and it’s growing rapidly.

If you want a piece of that ever-expanding pie, you need to be ready to compete with a vast amount of people. Some of these are well established, have the gear, and are more experienced than you. That doesn’t mean you can’t break into the market, though. By focusing on some of the key aspects of setting up a great streaming environment, anyone has the power to succeed. One of the most important things is soundproofing, and there are various solutions for this.

Why is Soundproofing Important?

If you want to make sure that you’re in the top percentile of live streamers, it’s crucial that you get the little things right. Soundproofing is something that may seem like a minor issue but getting it right can make a massive difference. It can be a benefit for the streamer as well. According to research, noise pollution can have an adverse effect on mental and physical health. If streamers sit in the same room all day and are faced with a cacophony of sounds outside, it may be damaging to them.

Along with being detrimental to the streamers, any noise pollution is going to sound bad on the live stream. It could negatively affect the viewer experience, and lead to a drop in audience retention. Studies have shown that more than half of viewers value sound quality on the same level of video crispness. If you have random unintended noises in your videos, there’s a risk that you could shed subscribers.

How Can Plasterboard Help With Soundproofing?

The great news for live online streamers who haven’t made their millions yet is that it isn’t too expensive to soundproof a room. One of the best materials to use is plasterboard, which you can pick up on the cheap and install yourself. This material is dense and has sound-absorbing properties, making it a highly effective solution for noise reduction.

All you need to do to be able to install plasterboard yourself is to watch a few YouTube videos or read some online articles with instructions. Before you put it up, it’s crucial to know what adhesive you need to use. Instead of using nails and screws, experts recommend that you fix it to walls with glue. The only tools you need are an adhesive cylinder and a sealing gun. The most important thing to note is that you should measure and prepare everything carefully before you get started.

Tips and Guidance for Online Streamers

Before you start soundproofing, there are some additional tips that you should bear in mind. Make sure that you’ve identified all the potential noise sources, so you know exactly what needs to be done. That could mean sitting in the room for a week and taking notes about the sounds and where they are coming from.

It’s also imperative that you pick the right plasterboard for the job. There are different types with varying thicknesses, and you could even consider double layering it for additional benefits.Anyone can make a go of a live streaming career as a lifestyle blogger or gamer. All it takes is a little preparation and commitment to the cause. Soundproofing should be the first thing to consider, and it’s one of the easiest things to accomplish when building a studio.  

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