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Online Entertainment Outside the UK: Guide by Countries 

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Significant regional variations in gambling exist throughout many nations, and local gambling laws in each area address relevant legal and regulatory matters. While gambling is allowed and regulated in the UK, there are strong legal prohibitions in place in several other countries. 

In this article, we explore several states where gaming is legal. We provide details on the licensing authorities that regulate the online gambling industry and the major jurisdictions.

We will cover some particular nations which have casino operators that are not UK-based like on NonGamStopBets but still popular there. In a few of these nations, gambling has grown to be a prosperous industry that brings in large sums of money for the government and employs thousands of people.


While laws exist that prohibit Canadian-based online casinos and sportsbooks from operating or offering betting and gaming services to residents, Canadians are free to play on websites with international licences without fear of legal action.

Since each province has the authority to control gaming in its territory, the legality varies. A few local governments also run their own online gaming and betting businesses.

United States 

Although American gambling laws vary from province to province in the US, many websites have offered their services to US citizens for years, apparently without any problems. However, 36 states and the District of Columbia already have legal frameworks that permit gambling; each entity is free to regulate or outright forbid these activities.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which was passed in 2006, forbids financial transactions between US citizens and online gambling service providers but does not specifically forbid online gambling. 

Once again, the legal environment has changed thus far. While some governments maintain tight prohibitions, others have started to allow internet poker, casino games, and sports betting. Operators seeking services within these areas are granted gaming and betting licenses.


Since there isn’t a single piece of legislation that applies to all of Europe, each country’s sports betting laws vary. The industry is strictly regulated in certain nations, but not in others.

The European Commission has some degree of governance over EU members, which affects what their gaming companies can and cannot do. Nevertheless, as the European Commission actively supports modernizing national online gambling regulatory regimes, these countries can enact regulations as they see fit.


Most of the countries in South America allow gambling. However, not every form of it is. These countries have all enacted legislation and regulations about the internet gambling sector, but with varying degrees of strictness. For instance, all other games are subject to tight laws in Uruguay, except poker and fantasy sports leagues, which are given greater flexibility. 

Most South America permits online gambling on foreign websites, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. In fact, some of these nations have established their regulatory frameworks specifically for this industry.

The Asia Region 

Asia’s nations are each in charge of enacting their gambling laws, much like Europe, which is defined by a patchwork of varied laws and prohibitions. No standard method is used throughout the continent, and national laws can vary greatly from one another.

For instance, nations like China, Thailand, and Indonesia have strict regulations prohibiting online gambling with harsh punishments. This is due to the lack of a single, uniform law from the central government. Now, operators and participants in South American countries must deal with a complicated and frequently perplexing gambling environment.


Since gambling in many forms — such as European football betting, poker, and horse racing wagering — has been legalized, it has become incredibly popular throughout Africa. However, over half of the continent’s nations have regulations governing the sector. South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are excellent examples of best practices.

Travellers seeking an alternative setting in which to enjoy their preferred casino games are drawn to South Africa, in particular, despite the country’s strict laws against online gambling. On the other hand, online gambling in Nigeria has been made lawful since 2004 as the Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission oversees both online and offline operations.


With the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, Australia adopted a stricter position, prohibiting the supply of internet gambling services to citizens of that country. However, as long as the operators have another licence and are governed by another set of regulations, Australian nationals are not punished for using offshore gaming sites.

Australia’s laws governing online gambling are rather simple because the federal and local governments oversee it. Australia, however, still makes the list of nations that permit in-play phone betting.


As diverse as the world itself, it is evident that internet gambling is permitted in many jurisdictions. We have uncovered a complex and diverse picture of the worldwide scene of legally operated internet gaming, broken down by jurisdiction. 
This article contains all the information you require concerning gambling across the various regions. Our aim is that this article and other industry news have given you important information on the locations and methods of lawful online gambling.



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