Older People Have More Accidents

Why Do Older People Have More Accidents?

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Driving on Fort Lauderdale’s busy roads is always hazardous, but some drivers are at a higher risk of accidents than others. The National Security Council reports that motor vehicle deaths involving older people rose by 5% in 2022 across the country. Also, the NHTSA states that drivers 65 and older have the second-highest rates of car accidents, just behind teen drivers. There are many reasons why older people often have more auto accidents than younger drivers. 

If you have been hit by someone in a car accident, consider hiring a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer. They can sue the insurance company for you if your case qualifies for assistance. 

Older Driver Accident Statistics

Research has been done on crashes involving older drivers in many states. Several findings show that older drivers are more likely to be in these types of crashes: 

  • About 75% of senior driving accidents happen during the day. Only about 50% of younger drivers are in accidents during the day. 
  • Older drivers are about four times as likely to be in car accidents in urban areas than rural areas. 
  • Not yielding is a more common cause of accidents among older drivers than younger drivers. 
  • Intersection accidents are more frequent among senior drivers than younger drivers. 

Factors That Make Older Drivers More Likely To Be In Accidents

More Older Drivers

The first reason that older drivers are in more auto accidents than in the past is that there are more older drivers. Americans live longer, and most senior citizens have driver’s licenses. Also, older people in 2020 were driving more miles than in decades. 

Indeed, older drivers are more often involved in serious car accidents, but people over 65 comprise more US drivers than years ago. The amount varies by state, but statistics show that senior drivers make up about 25% of all US drivers on the road. 

Slower Reaction Times

Older drivers usually have slower reflexes and reactions than younger drivers. If there is a sudden change in traffic ahead, an older driver may be unable to slow down as quickly as a younger driver. Slower reaction times can cause more accidents. Older drivers also could have weaker muscles and less flexibility, making it difficult to react to changing conditions on the road. 

Vision And Hearing Difficulties

Older drivers may not see and hear as well as when they were younger. While drivers in Florida must pass a vision test to drive, reduced vision can still impact the older driver’s ability to see what is happening around them on the road. 


Migraines affect about 6% of adults over 60. This serious health problem can affect their ability to drive safely. A migraine sufferer could have reduced concentration, fatigue, and dizziness while driving, all of which can make them less safe behind the wheel. 

Misjudging Distances

An older driver may not have the same depth perception and motor skills that they did years ago. They could, for example, misjudge the distance between their car and your rear bumper, possibly leading to a rear-end crash. 

Health Conditions 

Sometimes, an older driver has a health condition that makes driving more dangerous. For example, the driver could have arthritis in the hands or feet, making it harder to drive the vehicle safely. Or, the driver could have a heart condition that causes them to lose consciousness while driving. 

Why It’s Hard To Get Older Drivers Off The Road

Understandably, many older drivers don’t want to give up driving. Having a car and driving are often critical parts of staying mobile in America. The US doesn’t have the public transportation infrastructure that many countries do. So, driving can be critical for people to get things done and enjoy life in America. 

Many states have special rules for older citizens when it comes time to renew their driver’s licenses. Some states require them to be renewed more often or to have more road tests. But it’s still fairly easy in many cases for older drivers to keep their licenses, sometimes beyond when they should. 

If You Were Hit By An Older Driver

If an older driver hit and injured you in Florida, you are not alone. This unfortunate situation happens to many people in Fort Lauderdale. Remember to contact a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer if another party injured you. If your case qualifies for compensation, you could receive funds for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. A car accident attorney may help you receive better compensation than you can on your own.

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