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Why is Odoo ERP better than other ERP solutions in the market?

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Today business operations have been modernized with the impact of advanced technology and the intervention of superior internet communication technology and its allied solution. No businesses which are running today are functioning in the conventional methodologies with an exception of certain areas where they are sticking to keep the tradition alive. An example of this will be certain popular food stalls and hotels which have been serving for more than a century now. They function the same way where most of them accept only liquid cash and deliver the flood on a first come first serve basis irrespective of the item which the customer has ordered.

What leads to the development of business management solutions?

With The impact and the use of the modernized digital methodologies of functioning the mutability of the business has to be done with a different approach. This led to the development of various software and advanced control solutions which provided the business with the apt tools and capabilities to function and run the business in its modernized era. ERP solutions are a major invention that was brought into the business world during the early 1990s and have been modernized in each decade. Today we know them as the advanced solutions used by the business to have control over the operations of the business in certain aspects as well as wholly.

ERP solutions act as the central control unit for the business where the entire operation, as well as every aspect of the movement, is controlled by providing complete and efficient control. Among the ERP services which are available Odoo ERP is an advanced and modernized business management solution that serves as the best tool which businesses are using today. With over 7 million users all around the world, the Odoo platform tops the charts in providing complete business control, operational capability as well as reliability in business management operations.

This blog will provide you with an insight on why the Odoo ERP solution is way more advanced and superior in operation than other ERP solutions that are available in the martlet today.

There are numerous ERP solutions which are available that the business can choose from for the functioning of the business. Here the business managers and the CEOs should be concerned about the productivity output which these solutions will bring into the business operations. Considering Odoo the productivity and the profitability output which the business will obtain after the Odoo implementation is much higher and almost all the business management solutions indicate the same. Before moving on to understand why the Odoo ERP solution is way more advanced than other ERP solutions let’s understand briefly why Odoo ERP is.

Odoo ERP 

Odoo can be called the new generation business management solution falling into the category of the Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions that are available in the market. To say it’s a new generation and modern, the development date of the Odoo platform signifies it as it was developed in the mid of the initial decade of the 21st century. Developed initially as the TinyERP solution which was suitable for business operation on a small scale was later developed into the Odoo we know today. In the year 2014, the first advanced Odoo the Odoo 8 was released which brought insight into the business’ operational aspects producing the business with complete control over its operations. From 2014 onwards the developers of Odoo have been releasing a new version of the platform every year and today we have the Odoo 15 which is the utmost advanced and the most performing Odoo ever.

Moreover, all Odoo lovers and Odoo users are waiting for the release of the new Odoo version the Odoo 16 which has already been described as the fastest Odoo to be released. It will be released at the next Odoo Experience Event which will be in September. Odoo functions with numerous partners of the Odoo platform along with the services providers operating all around the world. Among them, Nevpro Business Solutions is one of the best as well as the primary service provider of the Odoo platform. Here are some of the basic insights on the Odoo platform. Let’s now move on to the next section which will explain to you why the Odoo ERP is better than other Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions available in the market today.

Why is Odoo ERP better than other ERP solutions that are available in the market.?

Odoo ERP is one of the most advanced business management solutions which has paved for complete operational control for the businesses that are users of it. Odoo software has been way more advanced than most of the other business management ERP solutions that are available in the market today. Here are certain aspects which make it stand out as well as advanced as most of the business management ERP solutions that are available in the market today:

  • One-stop solution business management solution
  • Customization capabilities
  • Affordability and high return on investment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • IoT integration capabilities
  • Odoo Project management
  • Odoo Apps and Odoo Apps store
  • Regularized updates
  • Odoo migration

Odoo is the one-stop solution business management solution

The Odoo ERP is the advanced business management solution that the companies, as well as the establishments, can rely on for the complete and advanced management of the entire business operations. This is because of the digestive modular structure that the Odoo platform holds, providing application-specific operational modules that will provide you with distinctive operational capabilities. Moreover, these modules are available in the basic version of the Odoo platform helpful for all levels and scales of business to function effectively. In addition, all these directive modules of operations are interconnected with each other, helpful in their department and company communications and smooth transfer of data.

This is backed up by one central database where all the data of business operation is stored and accessible with the right authorization and a different hierarchy of security. The data stored can be in the onsite servers or cloud-based providing remote access to the business operation.

Customization capabilities of Odoo ERP

Odoo is a fully customizable business management tool meaning ist flexible to suit the business and its operation to achieve complete controllability and efficiency of functioning. Today most businesses operate with a different methodology. An intact non-customizable solution will not work for effective business operations. This is where the custom ERP solution of Odoo takes advantage and provides the business with the solutions that are needed to meet the operational requirements.

Affordability and high return on investment of Odoo

Considering business management ERP solutions that are available they are always costly and a major proportion of the annual budget in a business is allocated to them. However, with Odoo it can be availed on a subscription basis providing the business the need to only pay a small sum of money every month based on the needs as well as the number of users who are functioning in a business. Reach out to Nevpro Business Solutions to know about the pricing and the development requirement for the business operation with Odoo.

The user-friendly interface of Odoo with advanced operational capabilities

Odoo is an advanced business management solution with the capability to function with advanced solutions as well as business requirements. This doesn’t mean that Odoo is one of the solutions that have a complex operational interface. On the other hand, Odoo operates with an easy-to-use interface that almost everyone in a business can grasp within no time. Moreover, the Odoo implementation partners as well as service providers like Nevpro Business Solutions provide the users as well as the employees of the customer company with proper training on the business operation and management after the Odoo implementation.

Advanced integration capabilities of Odoo software

Odoo is a company that believes in the fact that the business can only grow with integration with other third parties who are working for the betterment of the business. The same aspects are made applicable in the Odoo software which supports the complete and effective integration with other third-party solutions as well as equipment. Reaching out to the right Odoo implementation partner will help the business to integrate the Odoo platform with the existing software solutions and tools helping to work unanimously for the growth of the business.

IoT integration capabilities of Odoo ERP

IoT is the future of business operations and its management considering this in mid the Odoo developers have implemented the IoT integration aspects to the Odoo software. Moreover with the help of the IoT box which can be purchased from Odoo the integration of the advanced IoT devices can be done easily with the Odoo platform.

Odoo Project management

In the Odoo platform, there is a dedicated project management module that is available due to the modular statute of operation. This project management module will help the business to run the operations well and control the operation of multiple business operational projects at the same time. A tool that will be much helpful for the business functioning in the Information Technology sector. The Odoo project module is more advanced and capable than any of the other Project Management software solutions which are available in the market today.

Odoo Apps and Odoo Apps store

Odoo platform is backed up by the Odoo community in which all the Odoo partners, Odoo developers, Odoo consultants as well as all other Odoo supporting people are members. The Odoo App Store is managed and updated by the Odoo developers, here the business can obtain other Odoo applications which are not available by default on the Odoo platform. These Odoo Apps are advanced in operation providing the business with dedicated operational control for the business management with the Odoo platform.

Regularized updates and Odoo migration

Odoo developers are keen on bringing in new updates to the platform to keep up with the demands of the business market. Therefore, regulated updates on the existing version of the Odoo platform are brought in which will provide the business with more capabilities. Moreover from the year 2014 i.e, the year in which the Odoo 8 was released there have been new versions of the platform brought into the market which is always advanced and way faster than the older version.

In case the businesses needed to move from an older version of the Odoo to the newest version the Odoo implementation partners will offer Odoo migration services. This will help with the movement of the data as well as the Odoo apps used in the new version of the Odoo platform which is being used.

These are certain of the prominent aspects of the Odoo platform which make it stand out and be superior in business operation to other operation ERP tools which are available in the market today.


In conclusion, Odoo is an advanced business management solution that is available in the market with advanced and efficient capabilities providing the business with complete control of the operation. If you need Odoo for your business you can reach out to the Odoo implementation company such as Nevpro Business Solutions

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