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Why Noise Cancellation is an Essential Feature in Today’s Smartphones?

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More than a luxury, smartphones have become a necessity today. With the advancements in technology and newer innovations, we are witnessing smartphones with numerous attractive and useful features. From high-resolution cameras to robust processors and long-lasting batteries, the continuously evolving smartphone features have made life easy for us.

Amid a myriad of such features, are you aware that smartphones have a noise cancellation feature as well?

Yes, you read it right! Generally, we associate the noise cancellation feature with earphones or headphones. However, with time, the feature has become an essential part of other gadgets including your smartphone. From receiving calls to powering smart assistants, noise cancellation has rapidly become one of the most sought-after technologies in smartphones.

Noise Cancellation and its Benefits

If you use your smartphone for calling, you may often hear the background noise if the other person is in some crowded area, or is traveling. Noise cancellation technology plays a vital role in both hearing and being heard, particularly, in busy environments. Today, almost all high-end to mid-range smartphones offer the feature of noise cancellation which has revolutionized the clarity of calls as well as the quality of conversations.

Alongside the primary microphone which is used for recording voice, these smartphones are also equipped with additional microphones to assist noise cancellation. The recordings from these microphones can be used to eliminate the background noise around you. Moreover, information from these secondary microphones can be used to automatically adjust the call volume according to the background noise and filter out the wind as well.

The iPhone 13 Conundrum

Built-in noise cancellation has been a signature feature of Apple phones for a decade. Thus the feature was an expected one in the recently launched iPhone 13.  However, people using the model have been consistently complaining about the absence of an active noise cancellation feature in the phone. A reader of 9to5Mac had shared a conversation with an Apple customer representative about the noise cancellation feature.

In response, Apple support said, “We have an update on this. Phone noise cancellation feature is not available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you do not see this option in settings.” When asked for further clarification, the Apple support representative hinted that the feature is unlikely to be added in the future updates of iOS 15 as well.

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