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New Automotive Data System will be Launched at CES 2020 by Renovo and BlackBerry

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The new system will provide safety-focused data management solutions

CES 2020 in Las Vegas will be the place where Renovo and Blackberry QNX will unveil their freshly formed automotive data platform. The announcement from both the companies came in on Friday. The service is targeted to provide safety-focused data management solutions for linked and autonomous cars.

The advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle platform will combine the real-time operating system of BlackBerry QNX with the smart automotive data platform of Renovo. Renovo’s Insight is a smart automotive data platform through artificial intelligence and intelligent tagging it moves data from the vehicle to cloud in quick peace. Because of this Insight was awarded the CES 2020 Innovation Award.

Insight is a trustworthy operating system for vehicle safety

The system allows developers to index relevant data and generate important information which then passed on to technical teams for further use. As of now, this new technology is already put to use in 150 million cars which include vehicles from Renovo also. The partnership will help to up the level certification in vehicles with a trustworthy operating system.

Kaivan Karimi, Senior VP, and Co-head of Blackberry Technology Solutions QNX said, “When you look at a platform like Renovo, that’s the next step, it’s when cars are becoming connected, and now when you’re thinking about the future of smart cities, cars actually will become a part of the infrastructure. The data that gets generated from the car becomes important in the infrastructure in the process.”

As the advance driver assistance system market supposed to reach $70.4 billion by 2024, the cooperation between both companies is a step to strengthen the position in the market. In the future, these automotive data platforms could help in avoiding accidents by availing developers’ data and signifying the mistakes that have been made in the past.



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